Where’s the Twitter Fact Check When Apatow Claims Trump Will Kill?


Twitter wants to claim that they’re fact-checking everything to avoid false information. Using words like “Trump” or “Biden” will immediately result in a fact check. False, and your tweet gets deleted.

Unless you’re Judd Apatow and you’re making false accusations at Trump. Then, apparently, Twitter won’t do any kind of fact-checking.

The Hollywood film director decided to take a swing at Trump, claiming that the president has “no issue” with killing Americans so that he can win the election in November. These comments follow a story from ABC News where there was the accusation that Trump is using the vaccine as a political weapon.

Trump isn’t trying to kill anyone. And the Covid-19 threat is global, so it’s not just Americans who are dying. Twitter, can we get a fact check, please? Twitter?

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This is the problem with Twitter and other social media platforms. They cry and scream that they are going to fact check everything political. Yet, they only fact check when it’s convenient. They only fact check and make corrections when it’s a Democrat that’s made to look bad. The only thing this does is cause hysteria. People assume the fact checks have been done, allowing lies to remain.

Twitter hasn’t pulled the tweet as of yet or made some kind of disclaimer, so it’s still alive for the lies to live on.

Twitter failed earlier in the week, too, when Hollywood’s Debra Messing called Trump both a pedophile and a rapist. She repeatedly used the hashtags of #TrumpisaPedo and #TrumpisaRacist. Again, Twitter didn’t issue any kind of fact check on her tweet, leaving it for all to see.

Breitbart News managed to get some clarification from Twitter. Basically, when is their fact-checking going to kick in? A Twitter spokesperson responded with, “We’ll continue to prioritize taking action on Tweets where there is a high likelihood of harm.”

So, there’s no harm with identifying Trump as a murderer, rapist, and pedophile? Not only is he the President of the United States, which should eliminate such comments automatically, but it’s also an election year.

And here, Twitter wants to claim that they are a nonpartisan social media platform.

They consistently prove that they are very much partisan. If it hurts Biden, it will be removed. If it hurts Trump, not only will they allow it to remain, they’ll also allow hideous hashtags to go viral due to their lack of action. Yet, it’s not supposed to do any harm?

It’s becoming a point where Republicans across the nation have to play the beaten and mistreated, as Shylock in the Merchant of Venice says, “If you prick us do we not bleed?” The Dems are constantly being vile creatures – they lie, they cheat, and they’re violent toward the rest of the country. It’s getting to be a broken record because they accuse the GOP of being hateful when it’s the Dems who are allowing the entire country to burn to the ground.

Apatow has clearly defined what side of the political line he is on. When he releases his next movie, he’ll also wonder why as many people aren’t showing up to the Box Office. Clearly, he was never taught that politics and religion are off-limits at the dinner table. And here he’s gone to say it to the world. Sorry, Judd, but not everyone agrees with you.

Apatow is a product of listening to the Dems lie openly about how Covid-19 is entirely Trump’s fault. It was manufactured in China. It has affected the entire globe. And even Dr. Fauci has said that Trump has handled it just as well as anyone else would have. It’s a pandemic. There are a lot of unknowns, but Trump most certainly isn’t trying to kill anyone. And shame on Twitter for allowing the lies to continue to spread.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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