When Trump Will Concede…And Only Then!


Liberals across the country have been up in arms because Trump has not conceded. Why should he? There are still legal battles being fought where he believes there have been illegal votes cast – or unfair counting practices.

It’s not the first time in history for a president not to concede on Election Night. Considering that the voters weren’t even in on Election Night, there was no way that Trump was going to congratulate Biden before every state finished counting.

There have been some sore losers. Charles Evan Hughes took two weeks after the election before he came to terms with congratulating President Woodrow Wilson.

Samuel Tilden wasn’t too fond of letting the election go in 1876 when he lost to Rutherford B. Hayes, either. With allegations of voter fraud, they had to strike a deal in order to allow Hayes into office peacefully. Even then, the speech was one where Tilden talked about corruption and fraud.

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Now, what about concession? Is it required? Absolutely not. It’s not part of the election process. It’s simply grown customary. And in the case of Al Gore, he conceded only to call Bush up the next morning to take it back since the votes were getting close. A concession isn’t any kind of binding contract.

Liberals are trying to say that Trump won’t concede. He never said that. Trump advisors have already said that it will be likely that Trump will concede – if and only if the current legal battles don’t pan out in his favor.

Anyone who knows Trump knows that it’s not easy to give up this kind of fight. In modern American history, it’s not common to be a one-term president. With the level of political animosity seen across the country, it’s easy to question the integrity of the voting.

More voters than ever came out to the polls. At this point in time, Biden made history with a record number of votes in his favor. However, the number of votes is impressive nonetheless, with the number of votes in for Trump as second best in history. Second best just isn’t good enough.

There are lawsuits pending in several of the battleground states where Biden only led by a margin. This includes Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. There have been claims of illegal counts as well as instances where poll observers were blocked.

Trump has said, “The American people are entitled to an honest election: that means counting all legal ballots, and not counting any illegal ballots.” And he has every right to prosecute his case in court to ensure that election laws are upheld.

Trump wants to make sure that the “rightful winner” is seated. If that means it’s still Biden when all of this is said and done, Trump will concede – but not any time before that.

Biden doesn’t seem to want to go along with such things. He’s already been talking about creating a task force to deal with the COVID pandemic. While he may be the president-elect at this point in time, that could change – and he can’t do anything in the days between Election Day and Inauguration Day anyway.

Still, too many celebrate prematurely. The New York Times writes, “So with the vote count nearly completed, and the next president made clear, what happens next?” Slow down. Let’s finish with the vote counting and the legal battles since the next president isn’t quite clear yet.

The liberals forget that Trump is a businessman first and foremost. He doesn’t play by the same set of rules that politicians play by – he hasn’t since the very beginning so he’s not going to play now. He wants a fair fight. That’s all he’s wanted from the very beginning.

Once the legal battles have played through, if it’s proven that it was all fair and that Biden does, in fact, have the votes, Trump will concede. But there’s no reason why he should feel pressured to do so until he’s ready to do so. Nothing about Election Day was normal so the concession can’t follow normal protocol, either.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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