Trump’s 36 Clemencies Are an Abuse of Power? Then What Were Obama’s?


Since the beginning of our nation, our Constitution has granted the reigning president the right to pardon or commute sentences of those who might otherwise be incarcerated. And so far, every president has used this power at least once. But no president has ever been accused of abusing that power as much as our current leader, President Donald Trump.

Most of this criticism has been relatively recent, coming about after his last-minute decision to release longtime Republican adviser Roger Stone from a 40-month prison sentence.

Stone, like many others, was accused of perjury, witness tampering, and obstruction. Basically, he was convicted of lying to law enforcement during the infamous Mueller investigations about a crime that never happened.

It was believed by many, possibly even President Trump, that the more recent and in-depth probing into the Mueller investigation and its surrounding events might spare Stone from his sentence. However, nothing was found that could absolve him.

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And so President Trump did so himself, in the 11th hour, using his powers of commutation.

Naturally, as Stone has always been a high-profile target of the left, most Democrats and the filth that makes up mainstream media have been outraged at Trump’s recent decision. They claim that he is “once again” abusing his powers and merely using it to free his friends.

David Mark of NBC News attacked Trump saying, “Commuting Stone’s sentence before Election Day is completely on-brand for Trump. He has already issued so many controversial pardons and repeatedly flouted the law that the stone move is just a continuation of the same political background noise.”

The New York Times, took this a step further, comparing Trump the former President Richard Nixon, and saying that “Trump’s action was too much even for some Republican critics of the president, who called it an abuse of power intended to subvert justice.”

Others said things like:

“Trump has made a mockery of our Constitution, values, & way of life. His record of criminal & sociopathic behavior is a precursor of greater danger & harm to our country. What else must he do before his supporters see the threat he poses to America?”

Or my personal favorite:

“Trump just commuted the sentence of Roger Stone. Trump should be removed immediately for this gross and obscene abuse of power. Ridiculous.”

However, all of these seem to be missing some key facts.

First is that, as I mentioned before, granting clemency is the right of the president.

Second, is that in his three and a half years in office, President Trump has given clemency to a grand total of only 36 individuals: 11 commutations and 26 pardons.

And just to let you know this is one of the lowest numbers of any President ever, especially when you look at Democrats.

Take Barack Obama, the darling of the progressive left, for instance. He granted clemency a whopping 1,927 times during his time in office. Yes, this was for his two full terms, but even if we were to half this number, it would still be drastically more than Trump has done. And how many of those individuals do you think were Democrats?

In fact, Obama used this power so often that FiveThirtyEight, a popular polling and analytics blog, wrote a story about it in 2017, noting that “Obama granted clemency unlike any other president in history.” Furthermore, it stated that his use of the power used commutation much more so than pardoning.

“Obama’s clemency is almost always given by freeing people from prison with commuted sentences, not pardoning people after their release.” In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, Obama granted 1,715 commutations and 212 pardons.

No one in modern times has used the power more liberally than Obama. Clinton used it 459 times, George W. Bush only 200. We have to go back to presidents like Harry S. Truman with 2,044, Woodrow Wilson (2,827), and FDR (3,796) to get numbers even remotely close.

And yet they want to say Trump abuses his power? Ha.

Trump has used it a whole 53 times less than Obama. Only 36 times.

It’s clear to see that it really isn’t the number of times that Trump has used it that is the problem for these hypocrites. It’s that they thought they had won something, finally, against Trump. But then, at the last minute, he took that from them.

And so, like the children they are, they are pouting…

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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