Trump Straps on Cape to Save Minnesota Business Owners from Liberals


Hard-working Americans in Minnesota have gotten a raw deal. With all of the looting and terrorism happening throughout the state following the death of George Floyd, many small businesses have been ripped apart.

The Democratic leaders have failed in every sense of the word. So, Trump does what he does best. He straps on his cape and flies to Minnesota so that he can be the savior that Americans need.

The Liberal Left might as well take up residence in Gotham City. With all of the evil and corruption there, they would do well. Minnesota business owners, however, are tired of it all. They’ve thrown up the bat signal in hopes of getting the help that they need.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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President Donald Trump has criticized Kamala Harris for asking for donations to bail out the rioters responsible for the violence and the looting. What about those who were the fodder to all of this destruction? Why should they watch their hopes and dreams circle the drain?

Trump has said that “Their sympathies lie with lawbreakers and with criminals, my heart is with law-abiding, hard-working Americans like these people.”

When Trump visited Minneapolis on Monday to meet with the business owners that have been affected by the riots and violence, he lit into the local Dems for how they failed. They failed by allowing the riots to destroy the city and have a negative impact on the hard-working business owners.

Trump said, “While the city’s liberal mayor refused to defend its citizens, which was incredible, their lives were destroyed while the leadership of the Democrats cheered, their dreams burned to the ground.”

And there’s no denying it. The business owners have gotten absolutely no help from the mayor nor the governor. Meanwhile, the looting and rioting are still happening in the name of George Floyd. Federal help has been turned down on multiple occasions.

Korboi Balla (KB), a Minneapolis firefighter, told of the story of how he spent his life savings to open a sports bar – only for it to be destroyed by rioters. Trump suggested that there may be government assistance and asked for the bar’s name.

Jim Stage, the owner of Lloyd’s Pharmacy, a business that has remained for more than 100 years, was welcomed to the stage. Stage said that he was working to rebuild after his building was burned to the ground by rioters. He’s able to work in a satellite location temporarily to serve customers.

Stage made an important announcement: “Thank you Mr. President for fighting for law and order in American cities and we ask that other politicians rise to the same challenge, of protecting our businesses and our neighborhoods.”

Trump is the only one rising to the challenge. He’s looking to protect the businesses by calling out the riots. He’s offered federal assistance to get the rioting and looting under control. Meanwhile, Dems continue to turn down the help. They’re allowing the rioting while failing their citizens.

John Wolf, the owner of Chicago Lake Liquors, talked about calling 911 over 10 times while watching the looters tear his building apart. “The feeling of helplessness that I had knowing that no one was coming was indescribable.” It’s why we cannot allow police budgets to be slashed.

The real truth comes out. Wolf said that Minneapolis needs law enforcement. He pays taxes to the city as do other business owners. They, then, expect law enforcement to protect their businesses. “I held up to my end. The city of Minneapolis didn’t.”

This is where the Dem cities are failing. They’re not holding up their end of the deals. It’s also why there are major corporations moving out of Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, and other cities where there’s a significant amount of rioting.

Trump has made a commitment to help. He has collected the names of the businesses and will be working to help them rebuild in any way that he can. Meanwhile, Biden and Harris are fighting to get the rioters out of jail without them having to pay bail.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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