Trump Baits the Media and Hauls in a Massive Catch


The wisdom of President Trump is shining brightly as he played the cruel media and got awesome coverage for himself. The media maliciously lies about the president and falsely reports on Joe Biden overcoming the president in the polls.

The media lies about the president’s campaign as being a floundering failure. But the results show something that is knocking the wind out all Democratic competitors. The president hijacked the media and made them sit through a speech that spelled out the successes that mark his exceptional service to the country. President Trump used the very tactic that the media does with people to trick them into reporting on news that is uplifting and true.

The sadistic media is licking their wounds from the sneaky move the president gave them in the Rose Garden. The brutish media reports only positive things about the favorite crazy man Joe Biden. Their hopes are to have him in the White House this time next year. So, they report lies and fake news about Biden’s nemesis President Trump.

They would rather cut the president to pieces than tell the truth about his successes. But as the media shot live feed from the garden, President Trump told the truth about his campaign and successes over the past several years.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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Things are not as grim as the media loves to paint them. There is hope right around the November corner and it looks great for President Trump.

President Trump has told the truth to his supporters. They no longer believe the washed-up media and their fake news. The president held captive his audience as he spoke through many issues that American voter has an interest in.

The president held the media as he moved through issues with China, the WHO, COVID-19, tariffs, DACA, military issues, immigration, and many more issues that the media has lied about. What was supposed to be a speech on China and their Hong Kong Normalization and incorporation into the communist way of life, turned into a major opportunity for the president to set the record straight with what his administration has been doing.

The press sat on the edge of their seats hoping for some drooling news about China that they could use against President Trump. But, as they realized that bathroom breaks to escape were no longer an option, they had to sit and listen to the truth. Millions of people heard the truth and nothing the media could do to change the facts will ever reach that many people.

The inhuman Democrats of America now have to fight the president and his success on more than one angle. They can no longer hide the successes and the fulfilled agenda like they have been able to do under the cover of COVID-19. The truth is out, and the people are living every drop of it.

Poor old Jim Acosta knew that he had been duped as a fool and would write “Trump soiled the WH Rose Garden with that performance. Presidents do not use the Rose Garden in that kind of naked political fashion. That was not a press conference, as the WH described it. It was a campaign rally disguised as a press conference. It was a bait and switch.”

The whining and the crying of the media journalist is happy music to a battered president. He invited them in and gave them what they needed to hear right before the November election.

The wisdom and the plan of the president were to make the media report on issues of his campaign platform. He was denied coverage that has been extended to jokesters Joe Biden and his imaginary friend that he talks to a lot.

The media had no option but to cover every issue that is important to the American people. They could no longer only cover stories that instill fear and hopelessness. The plans for America after the president wins in November have been clearly laid out.

The media got a dose of humility once the methods of the president were realized. The media is guilty of hijacking past press conferences and now they finally had it done to them. Through their tears, they had to listen to the truth and broadcast it for all Americans to hear.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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