The Votes are in and Republicans Can Confirm Without Democrats


Joe Biden and his liberal band of devils must be scratching their heads, wondering what to do about the last realm of power that they are about to lose for the next several decades.

With the death of their beloved liberal judge, they lost the one voice in the Supreme Court that they could count on to be their voice in legal matters and party lines.

But what good is a judge is if all they do is a vote along party lines. Honorable judges must interpret the law and uphold the Constitutional meaning of the very fabric of America.

The Democrats are horrible people. In 2018, when Justice Kavanaugh was in the liberal trap, he was treated like a criminal.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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The fake accusations and mind-blowing statements coming from the vicious Democrats were sickening to watch for most people. Many wondered if the Democrats were talking and asking the questions because of how they were speaking to the man.

Lindsey Graham called to memory those events and showed that it would not deter what the president is about to do right under the Democrats’ noses. It is his job to nominate the next replacement.

By making that choice, he is protecting the freedoms of Americans. There is no way he is going to leave such an opportunity to change and let a Democrat put another lying liberal on the highest court of the land.

Graham was not mixing words when he was being questioned about what he thought. He stated that the Republicans already have the votes necessary to put a new judge on the bench.

Those words were enough to cause every liberal to have a heart attack. The reality of their situation is starting to sink in. For the first time, they have come to grips that they have wasted their time trying to oust President Trump.

No one is suggesting that there is a bypass vote coming where the hearings would be neglected. Many of the Republicans want to do things the right way. Something the Democrats should learn. Graham is stating that even after the hearings, the GOP has the votes to install any choice that the president makes.

Everything that is done at this point is a mere formality. There is no doubt that the Democrats are going to dig hard and deep to find anything to smear the candidate’s name with.

In a way, that is what everyone expects them to do. They are expected to try and destroy the character of a person to the point of destroying their lives and family.

Liberals are grasping for straws. There really are in a rut when it comes to this critical vote. They never had the votes for impeachment, which would have been a trial of inexcusable mistakes. And they certainly do not have them this time around.

Graham is throwing his support in the ring for President Trump. The name that the president has in mind is sure to come out in the coming days. And everyone will watch the Democrats take to the streets with weapons to riot and loot their way to jail.

The chilling reality of this vote is deafening to liberals everywhere. Everything that they hold dear, such as the Affordable Care Act and the right to kill murder babies, hangs in the balance. And every little soul threatened by a Democrats’ choice is cheering the next judge because that soul wants to live as abortion is made illegal.

Democrats everywhere are already struggling to overcome their past failures. Many of them have broken off their verbal support for Biden in an attempt to salvage their own election campaigns. Their failure to accomplish bills and sustain the country is the millstone around their necks as they jump into the sea.

President Trump has had an incredible first four years. And with the notion that the Republicans are going to take back the House and overtake the Senate with a majority only gives hope to the people of America that have been beaten down by the filthy Democrats.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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