The President Does Not Have to Obey the Supreme Court


President Trump is the best thing that has happened to America in the past decade. For years, the self-serving Democrats have ruined the country with socialist charged agenda. For years they have had liberal courts willing to rule politically instead of Constitutionally.

But the Supreme Court is not the final say at the end of the day. Their job is to interpret laws and not to control the actions of the other two branches of government. This has been the set standard since the founding of the country. And it will continue to be the right way for long into the future.

The mainstream media plays the issue of President Trump defying a ruling of the court regarding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program as a big deal, but it is not.

President Trump is simply rejecting new applications for DACA because the program is unconstitutional in its design. It violated all set immigration laws for decades past. The court ruled that the White House had not been following procedural law.

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That’s just the case. Procedural laws changed with each new administration. He should not be bound to what the past president had done.

The liberal DACA program allows kids to be brought to the country illegally the right to stay and not be deported. 700,000 kids, most of whom are adults now, are in the program.

Outrageous Obama set the program up to find political favor with illegals. But what the media portrays as a staunch violation of human rights, the Executive Branch sees as legal decision making.

The Supreme Court did not rule on the president’s authority to end DACA but certainly opened up the road to get it done. The media will not report on his authority because they want the nation to believe that he is defying a direct order of the court. The Executive Branch is not ordered by the courts. They can take or leave their decisions at any time.

The fight to end DACA is a tennis match. It is hit back and forth in the courts. Neither side has opted to bring it up right now with November lurking in the distance. But the President is making the right call and not allowing any more illegals into the program.

At some point, it will fade into the night and self-cancel in a few years. There are a few nasty liberals that keep making the point that no new applications are being accepted after the court ruled. But the court did not give guidance.

So, for the sake of consistency, they continue to follow the orders of the president who has the right to make the call.

Muneer Ahmad is a professor at Yale Law School who stated, “The longer the administration refuses to accept and adjudicate new applications and declines to issue a new rescission order, the more of a legal concern that becomes.”

This may not be all that true. The court ruled on one aspect of DACA but left the decision making in the hands of the president where it belongs. President Trump has full authority over DACA and its future.

Proving the point, the president stated, “The Supreme Court asked us to resubmit on DACA, nothing was lost or won.” The Democrats are just bewildered and do not know how to respond.

Their one action was to send a letter to Homeland Security demanding that they “immediately comply” to the order of the court. But there was no direction or definite order given to restart the program.

So, they do not need to comply. Even if there was an order, the president has the right to deny the program. The court will not and should not overstep their authority and order another branch of government to take a certain path of action. That is highly unconstitutional.

The oblivious Democrats act like compliance needs to happen. But President Trump knows the limits of his power to act. He knows that it is within his power to shut DACA down with the support of the legislative or judicial branch. No branch of government can control another. That is the wisdom of the Founding Fathers as they set up the American system of government.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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