The Land of Liberals Turn on Biden Over Ridiculous Laws


Joe Biden has big ideas for the country if he gets elected. The problem is that bigger isn’t always better. With so many liberals in California, they’re supposed to be supporting Biden, right?

It turns out that they have a BIG problem with one of his legislative plans.

Biden is in support of AB5 and PROAct. Essentially, these legislative laws are only in California at the moment. He wants to roll it out around the country. It would make it illegal for many freelancers to earn an income.

Biden argues that there are too many freelancers. They need to be employed and receive healthcare and other benefits. The idea behind AB5 and PROAct is that a freelancer can only do so much with a particular company before they are hired on as an employee.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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Many people don’t want to be employed full-time. They don’t want the benefits. They just want to earn by the gig because they can set their own hours. It’s part of the appeal for many freelancers. There are also major companies that have set themselves up specifically for freelancers – like Uber.

Uber was almost forced to pull out of the state of California. However, a judge issued an injunction so that AB5 couldn’t be enforced immediately.

Many in California operate as freelancers – and make good money doing it. As more of them speak up, they are identifying that the California laws are making it hard for them to earn a living.

California businesses and freelancers decided they needed to be louder than they already have – they aired ads during the debate to show that Biden is in support of legislation that is killing the entrepreneurial spirit. Freelancers are unable to make a living if Biden continues to support these laws – and it would hurt more than those in California if Biden were to be elected.

The ads that have been aired all over California and nationally play snippets of stories of people who have become victims of AB5.

The California Business and Industrial Alliance (CABIA) was founded in 2017. They’re the ones sponsoring the laws and they’re the ones rounding up the troops to talk so heavily.

It turns out that there are some redeeming qualities in California. It appears not every Californian is going to rush to the polls to mindlessly drop a ballot in the box for Biden. Freelancers who have seen more than half of their income disappear because of these ridiculous laws will most certainly not be voting for Biden. Will they vote for Trump? That’s to be decided. However, even a decision to not vote for Biden is a step in the right direction.

California has always deemed themselves as more progressive. The problem with progressive is that too many Dems seem to overstep to the point that they are monitoring businesses too closely. PAGA is a perfect example of this. The Private Attorneys General Acct was a way for the district attorney to deputize private attorneys to make it easier to be everywhere, all the time. It led to PAGA actions harming small businesses. They were everywhere, citing small business owners over the most ridiculous things.

Freelancers and small business owners alike aren’t fond of Biden because it appears he wants this added government intervention. Meanwhile, Trump is in support of small businesses and freelancers.

Biden needs to be careful about what he says. If those in California are willing to turn on him, it appears he may not have as many votes as his party promises that he has.

One thing is clear – AB5 and PAGA are bad legislative acts that have come out of California. They’ve managed to tear down small businesses that have kept the economy thriving. If Biden is in support of these, there’s no telling what else he’s in support of – and he’ll tear the economy apart with the new legislation that he rolls out.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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