The fight to reopen schools shows that liberals will stop at nothing to defeat Trump


I’ve seen what’s going on with the whole “it’s too dangerous to open up the schools” thing before.

His name was Brett Kavanaugh. The president that was going to drain the swamp ended up nominating the perfect legal swamp squish, much to the early chagrin of the conservative base that held their nose to vote for Donald Trump.

You’d think that the schadenfreude might have been enough for the progressive left. They had to know how Pyrrhic the Republicans’ victory truly was and that yet another Roberts or Kennedy had been secured to undermine the future of conservative legal fortunes for decades to come.

But it wasn’t enough. Not even close. Order 66 was issued, and all hell broke lose.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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Kavanaugh was a marauding rapist, don’t ya know. So not only his nomination, but his entire personal reputation had to be destroyed. And that’s how a bunch of conservatives like me who wouldn’t hire Kavanaugh as a law clerk, let alone to be judge on the highest court in the land, were forced as a matter of human decency to defend his honor in the face of existential deceit.

The left was clearly signaling that the long march through the institutions was a thing of the past. It had no patience left. We’re in the endgame now, and in matters great and small compromise or pragmatism were completely off the table. Kavanaugh may as well have been a statue. He simply needed to be torn down because he was there.

Now back to not going back to school. Since those buildings full of good little progressive minions are one of the primary reasons our nation has gotten to its current desperate and pathetic point, you’d think the left would be happy to recommence with the regularly scheduled target practice on the American child’s fragile soul.

Furthermore, the entirety of Europe, which has long been idolized by progressive educrats as the socialist future they’ve been waiting for, have sent their kids back to school as quickly as possible in the wake of Coronavirus lockdowns.

But here in America, the panic about sending kids back to school is growing by the day even though there is still a month and a half of summer to go between then and now. Doesn’t matter what the demographic data says about kids and the disease. Doesn’t matter what the science says about the lack of asymptomatic spread. Doesn’t matter that the American Pediatric Association says kids should go back to school.

The only thing that matters is that a large portion of the public in general and far too many Trump supporters specifically are starving for some normalcy. That means back to school. That means routine. Schedules. Being able to go back to work without childcare hurdles to navigate. And yes, schools that often frustrate and even demean them, but that fight will still be there another day. Right now, it’s just about getting a sinking ship back afloat instead of becoming an existential Titanic that ruins far more than schools.

Nope, say progressives. It’s not November yet. And until that election happens and Trump is gone, sinking is all they have in mind. Order 66 it is.

Because you don’t really think these schools are yours to return to whenever you want, do you, you filthy plebes? You were made to be ruled. So you come when we say come, and until then you can rot. Because the schools aren’t really about education, they are about power and who has it — and you don’t.

Thus, expect every effort from the teachers’ unions to keep children as far away from schools as possible in order to gin up the level of anxiety necessary to vote for anything but Trump. And thus, as with Kavanaugh, that means if you want something different to happen — in politics, in the sports world, whatever — many of you need to swallow your distaste for the direction public education has taken and pick a side on this one.

It isn’t good enough to wish for a failed school system to burn. And frankly, it never was. Because they are our schools. We pay for them. Our society is seeded by them, whether our own kids have been provided better options or not. To forsake them is to commit suicide. Doesn’t that feel incredibly obvious by now?

The schools are high ground we need to take back, in the near term and beyond. How about we start right now? Actually, we don’t really have a choice. It’s time to pick a fight and send the panic porn packing. Hearing the school bell ring this fall could very well signal the difference between freedom and serfdom.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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