The Dead Rises Again to Cast Their Votes in NV


The 2020 election will always be remembered as the time that the lousy Democrats cheated to gain power. Their demonic ways continue to define the hatred they have for conservatives of the country and people who do not agree with their ways.

For many months, the Democrats have planned their strategy for illegally taking the election from the man that won the popular vote and the electoral college.

The key states that were targeted were Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia. There are firsthand reports of fraudulent activity in all of these states that took place and voters that cast a ballot even they have been dead for years.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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Nevada is the latest battleground to report dead people voting for Joe Biden. The irregularities and falsified ballots pushed Biden ahead in most of these states by just a few votes. President Trump is so adamant regarding Biden’s illegal actions and his group that he is challenging the count and the methods of how the votes were cast.

Clark County, Nevada, is where the dead person was able to vote. Apparently, Rosemarie Hartle could dig herself out of the grave and fill out her ballot and send it in to be counted.

Hartle died in 2017 from cancer. Her husband, Kirk Hartle, has provided proof that his wife is deceased. This is just a picture of a much larger issue that Biden fueled as he and his counterparts designed their plan to steal the election.

Kirk Hartle says her so-called ballot was never mailed to his house. There is no way that he could have possibly turned it in. Someone in another state or county found that she was deceased and used her ballot to vote for the liberal monster Joe Biden.

Officials that are looking at the ballot say that the name and signature are a match. This issue is alarming to Kirk Hartle because he knows that it is happening to other people all over the country. The nasty Democrats harvested ballots and used the names of the deceased to vote for their candidate.

Records dictate that the ballot was sent out on October 9 and sent back in the day before the election was scheduled to take place. This gave the cheat enough time to practice her signature and get the ballot filled out before the deadline.

The investigation into these accounts is going to take time. President Trump needs to find enough fake ballots to warrant an overturn of election results on Joe Biden. He is going to be recorded in history as the cheater that stole an election.

There are so many variations of how the ballot for Hartle was obtained. There have to be people at the source that are corrupt enough to cheat in this fashion. It is alarming that anyone on the board of elections would stoop to such a low level to help a criminal into the White House.

There is no telling what these people will be able to do next. Their next target will most likely be the Senate seats they need to control the entire government. Once they have control of the Legislative Branch, they will be able to topple the Judicial Branch. In essence, they will get rid of the check and balance system.

Voter fraud is a significant problem this year. President Trump said for months that the Democrats are up to no good and needed to be kept in check as the election got closer. They were so careful to cover their tracks.

The Republicans are calling into question any ballot that is not legally cast. They have even found over 3,000 ballots of people that no longer live in Nevada being counted in that state. This problem has broad ramifications that cannot be ignored any longer.

Every American needs to wake up to the reality that the Democrats are cheaters and cannot be trusted to run the government. The integrity of the election is on the line. And President Trump is working overtime to set the record straight and to keep it from happening again. He needs another term to keep the liberals from ever hijacking another election.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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