Teachers Want Paid But Don’t Want to Teach According to Union


Students all around the country are being victimized by the liberals liars and the pathetic teacher unions that should be fighting for the students. Instead of representing the teachers and looking to protect the students’ future under their care, they have sided with the greedy liberals and fight to keep schools locked down.

School unions all over the country have taken hostage the learning rights of all students. They are using the kids as a means to get what they want politically and personally. One union vice president fought to keep students and schools locked down so she could take a vacation to Puerto Rico.

Conservatives and parents saw the pictures that she posted online, and they were outraged. This teacher should have been in the classroom but saw the closures as a way of taking a vacation to a spot where she could party without COVID pressures. She found a place where a mask was not forced, and she flaunted it all over social media.

Democrats all over the place continue to push for lockdowns and restricted travel, but they let their people act like there is no pandemic or new rules of operation. The truth is that they believe that they do not have to obey the rules that they are forcing everyone else to live under.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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The hypocrisy of the liberal socialists continues to define a rapidly changing Democratic Party. This so-called pathetic teacher pushed her sinful beliefs of the COVID-19 virus on people so she could ignore the restrictions and travel abroad for a personal vacation. Her deliberate decision to ignore the laws slaps all law-abiding Americans in the face.

Her students are betrayed because they are being cheated out of fair education. They deserve to have a teacher that is willing to be with them through the pandemic months. Instead, they got a liberal seeking financial gain for herself at the expense of their education.

The teacher union that she represents pushed the notion that to reopen the schools was “rooted in racism, sexism, and misogyny.” There is no rationale that can be thought of to prove that providing an education to kids is racist. This is just their way of controlling a child’s future.

All facts showed that the students in the school district were being forced to fall behind. These kids would soon be left behind by other kids around the country. The parents wanted the schools to open up, and no one was listening to them. It was all about what the selfish liberals wanted for themselves.

At the root of the problem is that the schools were ready to open and all that was needed was for the teacher’s union to help make it happen. But the vice president of the union had a personal vacation planned, so she got the union to work against the idea.

The union delayed the push to reopen by changing their demands several times. And the ones that were hurt the most were the poor and struggling students that depend on their schools for food and help. But the teacher wanted a vacation, so she trampled all over the weak students and got what she wanted out of the closures.

The teacher’s union is getting rich at the expense of the students. The teachers are being allowed to teach online classes without much effort. The Puerto Rico vacationer flushed her student’s futures when she boarded the plane. These little kids deserve so much more than what they are getting.

The damage that is happening because of the pandemic is only being amplified by the greedy liberals that are seeking their own gain instead of helping others weather the storm. The union’s refusal to help reopen is not based on COVID-19 fears. It is solely based on their need for the easy life at the expense of people and their futures.

There is nothing fair about the schools remaining closed. The kids fall farther behind while their liberal teachers act like kings and queens and party it up all night long. President Trump’s call for the schools and states to reopen is only done so that people can get on with their lives and begin to prosper once again.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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