Sometimes Jokes Write Themselves: GOP Brutally Laughs at Bill Clinton for His Speech on Oval Office Behavior


The list of inappropriate things that happened in the Oval Office during Bill Clinton’s reign as president could fill an entire book. In fact, it could fill many books, including Monica Lewinsky’s story.

Pizzas filling up the office like a frat party. At least nine sexual indiscretions, according to Lewinsky. A lack of dress codes, unlike what Bush instituted.

Oh, Bill. You certainly had your fun while being president. He had been given the reputation of being a “horndog” from any female under the age of 30. But, if Hillary wasn’t going to raise an eyebrow at Bill’s wandering eye, why should anyone else?

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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However, Bill Clinton feels that he’s the one who should lecture Donald Trump on the decorum of the Oval Office. At the Democratic National Convention, Bill took a few minutes to lecture Trump about what should and should not transpire in the Oval Office.

Umm, this is coming from the president who was actually impeached for what he did in the Oval Office. He simply decided to try to play with the words of what “is” and what the real definition of sexual relations means. Because, according to Clinton, fellatio isn’t sex. Turns out Congress feels that it is. Big oops.

Bill decided to say this about Trump: “At a time like this, the Oval Office should be a command center. Instead, it’s a storm center. There’s only chaos. Just one thing never changes — his determination to deny responsibility and shift the blame. The buck never stops there.”

If there’s one person who knows what a storm center looks like, it’s Bill. And, he, too, was determined to deny responsibility. So, hi, kettle? You’re black.

This kind of story doesn’t happen all the time. Bill Clinton opened himself up to instant mockery – and the Republicans have been having a field day of it. The Dems felt that it was important to honor Bill Clinton.

As one of the living presidents who also fall within the Democratic Party, he should talk at the DNC convention. However, perhaps they could have given him something a bit different to talk about. Oval office decorum? Really? Clearly, they didn’t think that one through all the way.

Maybe they should have had President George W Bush talking about decorum since he was the model of it. Oh, wait, he’s a Republican.

So, give us your best shot, Dems. Cue awkward silence. That’s right. They don’t have a model citizen. Well, there’s Obama, but his lecture to Trump will come later.

Donald Trump, Jr couldn’t help but have a good laugh at the lecture Bill Clinton was giving his dad, either. He tweeted, “The irony of Bill Clinton talking about the sanctity of the Oval Office should not be lost on anyone!”

Even Lisa Boothe, a Fox News contributor, asked if we were being punked. It was a bit scary as to who the DNC chose to cover each topic of importance. First Cuomo on coronavirus, then Warren on Native American issues, followed by Clinton on Oval Office decorum. Really? They should have given the bag of topics a better shake before letting everyone reach in.

Bill Clinton also had photos of him getting a back and neck massage from one of Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers surface on the internet just hours before his speech at the DNC. If the DNC organizers really wanted to win the election, they may have taken Clinton’s speech out of the mix. But, it’s like they don’t care. That, or they don’t see the same level of humor that we all see.

The Dems continue to amuse us. Who knows what Thursday night’s broadcast will bring us? Perhaps they’ll find someone else to lecture Trump while bringing a bit of irony to it all. We can only hope. They might as well gift-wrap the reelection of Trump while they’re at it.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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