Shocking: Harris Flip-Flops Again, This Time on Banning Fracking


You would think that, as the Democratic nominees for president and vice president, flip-flopping on just about any issue would be something you would, in general, want to avoid. After all, you want the public and your prospective voters to know you will stand by your word, working hard to accomplish what you said you wanted to achieve.

However, it seems that both Joe Biden and his newly appointed second in command didn’t really get that memo.

Biden, on numerous occasions during his presidential campaign, has suddenly changed his mind on positions he has long held. One of the first was his entirely unexpected flip on the Hyde Amendment last year, which bans the federal funding of abortions.

In addition, the not so able-minded candidate has seemed to change his mind of important issues like criminal reform, the legalization of marijuana, and banning fracking.

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Now, it is interesting to note here that with each change, Biden has moved a few more steps toward the left, seemingly trying to placate the voters who would have loved to see self-proclaimed democratic socialist Bernie Sanders standing in Biden’s place.

But just as Biden moves ever leftward, his chosen running mate seems to do be doing the opposite. Well, at least on some issues. Could it be that she too is trying to appease one side or another?

Take her stance on fracking, for example.

As the farthest to the left-of-center senator, according to recent studies done by, it should be no surprise that Kamala Harris would be in support of liberal ideas such as the so-called climate change crisis and any legislation that could supposedly counteract it.

As such, she has continually been against the drilling and harvesting of fossil fuels, which, according to the progressive left, is ruining our planet.

Last year, she made this clear while campaigning for her own presidential ticket.

When speaking at CNN’s Climate Crisis Town Hall, nearly a year ago, she told climate activist Jessie Bluedorn and CNN moderator Erin Burnett that, if she were president, one of the first actions she would take would be to ban oil fracking as well as any and all offshore drilling.

She said, “There’s no question I’m in favor of banning fracking,” later adding that she would impose “legislation” to make it so. And when asked about banning offshore drilling, she replied with a very affirmative and matter of fact, “Yes.”

In fact, she was so absolute about her position on the bans that Burnett replied, “All right, two very definitive answers.”

But now, her opinions seem to have changed, as she is now aligned with a would-be president who has also recently changed his mind and found to be in favor of fracking.

When speaking with CNN’s Dana Bash this past week, Harris was asked about her support for Biden’s position on fracking.

Bash said, President Trump, Vice President Pence, they have been campaigning more and more on the issue of fracking, which is a process of oil and gas drilling. They think that this is going to help them win votes in key states like Pennsylvania.

Joe Biden has said – quote – “I am not banning fracking.” During your primary campaign, you said that you supported a ban. Are you comfortable with Joe Biden’s position?”

And, of course, to give a united front, Harris said yes.

“Yes, because Joe is saying, listen, one, those are good-paying jobs in places like Pennsylvania, and, two, that we need to also invest and put a significant investment in the good-paying union jobs that we can create around clean energy, around renewable energy.”

She added that “we” need to always understand that “it’s a false choice to suggest we either take care of jobs or we take care of our environment. We can do both, and we should do both.”

And while I agree with this last bit about doing our best to support both jobs and the planet, it couldn’t be more of an opposite to what she said just last year on the same topic.

Voters in key energy states like Pennsylvania, Texas, and Oklahoma might like it too. The question, however, will be whether or not they can trust a woman who so quickly and often changes her opinions on ideas she, in the not so distant past, passionately supported.

It’s far more likely that they see her as I do, a dishonest woman who will say whatever to get a few more votes.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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