Seattle City Council More Corrupt than the Mayor, Socialist Criminals


Mayor Jenny Durkan is harmful to the people of Seattle. But she is only part of the massive problem. The City Council of Seattle is so liberal that they have enough support to override any of the destructive mayors’ thoughts and deals.

They even have enough support to do what they want without the consent of the mayor. If they decided to defund the police force and send them packing, they would have enough votes to act and do anything and everything without Durkan.

At this point in the game, Durkan is a joke on the wall and the real threat lies within more destructive liberals of Seattle’s city hall.

The city council is considering defunding the police by 50 percent or more. That would be just enough to let the crime rate in the city rise to incredible heights. The move to defund the police in Seattle is being supported and pushed by the domestic terror group Black Lives Matter.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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Three of the council members have already put their support into what is being pushed as the Decriminalize Seattle and King County Equity Now. This is a terror support group being used to legitimize their attacks on a peaceful and lawful America.

The mayor finally acted when she found out President Trump was in the process of ordering troops to the area. Durkan failed to act in a timely manner and two kids lost their lives.

She should be put on trial for her part in the murder of these two lost souls. For weeks the terrorists had control of six-city blocks. The businesses and the people in the CHOP zone repeatedly cried out for help. But they were met with Democratic deaf ears.

The police were in good spirits as they moved in and tore down the barricades that their Democratic boss erected for the protestors. The tents that were scattered throughout the zone were torn into and destroyed as they pulled people out of them and told them to get out.

The police removed a sign that dug at the heart of the Black Lives Matter group that read “we are not leaving until our demands are met: 1. Defund SPD by 50 percent now. 2. Fund Black Communities. 3. Free all protesters.” Little did they realize how wrong they are about their demands.

The police force of Seattle has a budget of $409 million. Which does not seem like near enough to do the job they are called on to do. Seven out of nine city council members want to slash that amount by half.

Their tone would change if their homes were invaded and destroyed by criminals. There would be no one to come to their rescue if they cut the budget and slash the police force in half.

The hippy Durkan has been criticized by protestors that favor law and order and the Republicans because she is acting like a free-will hippy from another decade.

She said she did not know how long the CHOP zone would be set up, but she did say “I don’t know, we could have a summer of love.” It was like she was hoping to have her own little Woodstock moment with the terrorists and anarchists.

Durkan mentioned after President Trump stepped in and start to act that she “deeply, deeply regret the loss of life in and around Capitol Hill.” While in the same breath she talks about defunding the police that would result in more deaths when the crime rate goes up.

She stated that “Target numbers themselves are irresponsible if you’re not looking at the functions and what the police should be doing versus what perhaps other people can and should be doing.”

The true nature of the defund the police movement is seen in what Angelica Chazaro says. She is a professor of law and the University of Washington and a big supporter of the defund the police movement.

She stated, “It’s about spending the money that is currently used on police on things like free and universal health care, food child care and that would prevent property crime more than anything else.” Notice that she is about free health care and free things for people.

She is a socialist. The BLM and anarchist of America are socialist driven. They are bent on destroying America. This is why the City Council of Seattle is worse than Mayor Jenny Durkan.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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