Republicans Head to Parler to Speak Freely


Twitter’s been banning comments by right-leaning media outlets and literally any individual who wants to speak openly and honestly. Facebook is getting trigger-happy, too, sending people into “jail” for 30 days simply because of using a word like “liberal” or for sharing a link to a story that they don’t like.

Whatever happened to freedom of speech? As more Republicans find themselves being banned on social media, they’ve learned to turn to an alternative.

A number of conservatives have been talking about Parler. Ben Shapiro, Glenn Beck, and other American talk radio hosts have been pushing it for a while.

So, what is Parler? It’s the “non-biased, free speech-driven” alternative to Twitter. It’s definitely a social media platform with a conservative slant.

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Since Biden has been identified as the “projected winner” of the US Presidential Election despite lawsuits pending from Trump’s team in several states, people want to get away from the liberal outlets.

The Parler app is now topping the store charts as more conservatives flock to it as a way to communicate. They are tired of seeing Facebook providing their “Voting Information Center” as the only way to find out about the 2020 US Election. Anything that even mentions Trump at this point is subject to being banned because of “misinformation.”

The liberals don’t want to talk about what’s really going on – that Trump is disputing the vote. They don’t want to hear about the fact that the Electoral College can’t officially name Biden as the winner until the lawsuits have ended. Oh, and they certainly don’t want to hear that Biden can’t assume office until January 20.

So, conservatives are left to look elsewhere – and it appears that they have found their home. Ted Cruz and other Republicans have made their way over to Parler because it is conservative-friendly. There’s no longer the need to worry about the anti-conservative bias that the social media giants have developed.

Parler isn’t censoring anyone. What does this mean? It’s possible to go down the rabbit hole of conspiracies without Twitter sticking a big bullseye on your account.

It makes it easier to talk about issues going on in the country without Zuckerberg playing Big Brother. Is Hunter Biden’s laptop really a problem? Does Joe Biden have ties to Communist China? The liberals want to label these as conspiracy theories, lies, and Russian disinformation campaigns. But, what if they’re real? Shouldn’t they be discussed?

This is what free speech is all about. People should be able to talk about theories with their friends. Instead, Facebook and Twitter want to determine not only what we read about but what we comment to one another. It’s eliminated the ‘free speech’ of the Constitution.

Parler has chosen to be different because it has refused to moderate the content. This means that people have the ability to post anything and everything. It’s up to users to decide what to believe. And yes, that means that hate speech and misinformation may be present on the site.

It’s not the kind of platform intended for snowflakes. You have to put on your Conservative pants, suck it up, and decide what’s going on. You can follow the people you want. You can leave any discussion you want. But don’t go complaining to Parler about something you read because they’re not going to respond in the way that Facebook and Twitter would.

Facebook and Twitter may suddenly find themselves with a large number of inactive users as people decide to ditch the voyeurs for a social media platform that allows people to do what they want. Because America. Because freedom.

Fact-checking is on you. If you don’t like it, stay on Facebook or Twitter where they’ll put a liberal spin on all of their fact-checking. If you’re tired of the bias found in social media, Parler is a free app – and people are sharing their Parler accounts on Facebook before they decide to log out once and for all.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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