Public Schools Bowing to Black Lives Matter by Amending Curriculum Accordingly


As schools across the nation rethink how they’ll implement learning this year, they are also reconsidering what they will teach.

Schools across the nation are adjusting their curriculum to be more inclusive of, and satisfying for, the Black Lives Matter movement.

“We can’t control what happens with the police, but we can control what happens in our school systems,” Michael McFarland, head of the National Alliance of Black School Educators and the superintendent of a school district in Texas said, according to the DailyMail.

The changes aren’t expected to be a footnote change or even one or two lessons. According to the DailyMail’s sources, this will be a massive overhaul of how the school curriculum addresses the issues of race, among other things.

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“We’re not just talking about a couple of lesson changes,” another curriculum activist said. “We’re getting to the quintessential work of trying to put race, equity, and inclusion inside of our curriculum.”

While Americans are distracted by the risk of coronavirus to their lives, businesses, and ability to keep the economy afloat, the riots have continued, since the immediate aftermath of George Floyd’s death.

May 25 was the day that an unarmed Black man under the influence of illegal drugs died while in police custody. That incident sparked worldwide outrage, as activists pointed to it as an example of what they claim is systemic racism in the United States law enforcement and judicial systems.

As the debate rages on, so does the clash between irate activists, people of color and lawbreakers, and the law enforcement system. Fires and firefights also rage on as the race war seems to only intensify in predominantly liberal areas of the country.

The touch of change, however, has bled over, even into areas that haven’t seen widespread protesting or mistrust between people of differing skin hues.

According to the DailyMail, the National School Boards Association is involved with the new initiative in the form of assistance for schools offering instructions on how they can change their curricula to better accommodate the demands of social justice warriors.

“They’re making sure teachers are teaching the right history in their classrooms,” the organization’s executive director told the Daily Mail.

The tenuous hold that the school system has on their students at this particular juncture seems like it would serve as a deterrent to major changes to what they’re teaching the students. However, instead of backing off, the schools appear to be doubling down, with some reports that they’re asking parents to back off of their involvement with student’s day to day instruction.

It would be difficult to ignore the transparent nature of what the school boards are allowing to happen. Whether the changes are orchestrated from the top and filter down, or if the teachers are pushing their agenda from the classroom and the schools are cooperating, the result is the same: an adjusted view of history is being bored into the impressionable brains of the next generation.

While revisionist history isn’t new, it’s relatively new that those who don’t agree with it would willfully allow their families to be indoctrinated with it. Hopefully, the wakeup call being sent to parents to ensure that their children are being taught their values will hit it’s mark soon. Otherwise, we might face a generation of voters, politicians, and just humans, who don’t remember a time before violence was bowed to, and might be considered right.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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