President Trump Honors the Fallen by Declaring National Remembrance Day for Those Killed by Illegals


Many differences separate President Trump and nasty old Joe Biden. There is no common ground that the two can possibly agree on. The most significant division between the two is found with who they support. President Trump supports American citizens, while Joe Biden supports illegals and the people that violently attack Americans.

November 1 has become known as a day to remember people killed by illegals preying on the country. His decision is based on facts and not feeling. President Trump believes the border needs to be secured because of the hurt that is happening to Americans.

He stated clearly that “We solemnly stand with their families — our Angel Families — who have endured what no American family should ever have to suffer. Today, we recommit to ensuring that those responsible for these tragedies face justice while taking every action to prevent these horrific acts from occurring in our Nation.”

These actions clearly define which side of the issue the president supports. He has said all along that he stands with America. This proclamation shows that he is a man of his word as he puts America first.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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MaryAnn Mendoza is an American that lost her son to an illegal. The illegal alien was driving a car without a license. She stated that “There have been many events this past year overtaking the news cycle, but unfortunately the loss of innocent Americans continues to grow daily at the hands of illegal criminals.”

Joe Biden ignores the cries of the country and sides with the illegals. He supports sanctuary cities that protect illegals from ICE. This allows them a safe haven to operate from while they continue to hurt Americans.

Mendoza deepened the wound by also stating that “Securing our borders, not only protects Americans but protects the vulnerable victims of human smuggling and the cartel. It is a very lucrative business that is enriching these groups while never giving one thought to the cost of human lives and if they make it here, the burden on American taxpayers that are increasing every year.”

Any Democrat that wants to protect the illegal population needs to be arrested for treason. Illegals have declared war on America by zapping its resources one illegal at a time. They never pay taxes and mooch off the healthcare system to the point that it is expensive for paying customers.

Don Rosenberg is a father that lost his son when an illegal killed him in another motor vehicle accident. The liberal media never reported the truth of the incident because it too supports illegals.

Rosenberg came out and revealed that “Unfortunately, there are too many people – because how most of the media covers illegal alien crime – that think none of it goes on. And when you talk about, you know, people who have been killed by illegal aliens they’ll say, ‘well, it’s terrible, but it’s only a few.’”

The Democrats would rather silence the hurting families so they can parade the notion that the illegals mean no harm. But President Trump is ringing the bell loud and clear that the people killed by the illegals will not be forgotten as November 1 stands as the day to remember them.

Biden tries to justify his position by saying, “All they have to offer is four more years of hateful rhetoric and division and policies that will end America’s historic role as a symbol of freedom and prosperity, and as a beacon of hope for those fleeing violence and oppression anywhere in the world.”

America’s role as s symbol of freedom applies only to those who would legally enter the country and do their part to make it a better place to live. But Biden is so forgetful that he must have forgotten that significant point.

The Democratic Party wants to coddle illegals and make them feel at home. President Trump has the right approach to send them back home early from their self-induced vacation. The American people should have to pay for free-loading illegals. They should enter the country legally and renounce their old nationality and embrace being an American.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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