Portland Police Send Scorching ‘No Confidence’ Message to City Hall: Stop Defending Antifa


The Portland, Ore., police union leader is accusing city and state leaders of defending antifa and other violent protesters and utterly failing to keep law-abiding Portlanders safe.

It’s about damn time someone spoke truth to the Leftist-powers-that-be in Portland.

Daryl Turner didn’t use the names antifa or Black Lives Matter, but his message was as focused as the lasers antifa terrorists use to blind officers during riots: “Enough.”

Turner’s message in a news conference on Wednesday reflected an absolute collapse in confidence in city hall to stop looters, arsonists and violent rioters. The cops are sick and tired of being hogtied from stopping antifa and Black Lives Matter violence.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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Police Weapons Taken Away

A federal judge has ordered police not to use tear gas except in dire circumstances, such as last weekend’s melee in downtown Portland.

For six hours over the July 4 weekend, federal officers battled against antifa terrorists throwing IEDs, rocks, bricks, bottles of urine and other explosive ordnance trying to get inside the smashed glass doors of the federal courthouse while waiting for the Portland Police to disperse the riot. Rioters aimed lasers at the officer’s eyes to blind them.

Eventually, the police deployed tear gas, but they are under orders by an Oregon U.S. District Court judge to restrict the use of tear gas “except if lives or public safety are at risk.” The Oregonian reported that Judge Marco A. Hernandez, an Obama appointee, “amended the order on June 26, adding less-lethal weapons to the restrictions and outright banning the use of an ear-splitting warning signal.”

Ironically, Judge Hernandez’s courtroom is housed in the same building that antifa rioters were trying to smash their way into.

Police ‘No Confidence’ in Elected Officials

Turner accused elected officials of “defending these criminal actions, while in the same breath, demonizing and vilifying the officers on the front lines protecting our community.”

Turner said it was “high time that our elected officials stand up and defend Portland. Condemn the violence and the burning, looting and destruction of property.

Turner called the presser on Wednesday after he received no reply to his incendiary letter.

That’s when he flooded the tubes and launched the torpedos:

Over half a million people call this city home. All of Portland deserves safety, security and a non-violent platform to speaks their minds.

I have no confidence that city council will stand up for all of Portland.

I have no confidence that the city will stop the rioting and the looting and protect the safety and livelihood of Portlanders.

I have no confidence that the city council will guide the Portland Police Bureau forward in a new era of policing that prioritizes safety, equity reform and police funding.

I have no confidence that the city council respects and supports its rank and file officers who work tirelessly to better our community.

I have no confidence that city council wants to be part of the solution that closes the divide in our communities.

If city council won’t stand up for Portland, we will.

Portland’s War Zone

For 40 nights the city has been besieged by violence from antifa, anarchists, and Black Lives Matter terrorists. The city looks like a dystopic war zone from Belfast or Fallujah.

Police ‘Hands Are Tied’ by Leftist Politicians

Turner has just turned the heat up on all Oregon elected officials – almost all of whom are Leftists. Turner says their Leftist politics tie their hands: “Our hands are somewhat tied based on the political dynamics of Portland and they have been for years.”

Portland has responded to Black Lives Matter’s “defund the police” demands. The city commissioners have reduced spending for police by $15 million. Turner, naturally, wants that money restored and to be spent on body cameras for cops for everyone’s safety and to instill confidence in police officers.

As it stands now, the only one going after violent rioters right now is President Trump’s attorney general, Bill Barr.

Antifa and its professional protester brethren have been a part of the Portland landscape for decades now. But routine, non-May-Day violence began in earnest during the 2016 election of Donald Trump. There’s incentive for Leftist Oregon leaders to continue supporting antifa and Black Lives Matter because they share the same Orange Man Bad goals.

Government’s first job is the security of the people. The people whose job description is to follow the state constitution and local laws care more about their personal politics than the security of their own people.

The cops get it. Why don’t the voters?

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The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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Find Out More