Pelosi May Not Be the Next House Speaker, as AOC Explores Options


Nancy Pelosi is the epitome of a career politician. She’s divisive – and she’s one of the main reasons why there’s been no additional economic stimulus to help Americans get through the pandemic. At the age of 80, is she still the best person for the job of House Speaker?

This is something that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been pondering. The two liberals have never seen eye to eye and there has been quite a bit of in-House fighting between the two.

If the House continues to be controlled by the Dems next year, one of the first orders of business is to vote in a new Speaker of the House. Pelosi has already said that she’ll be running. After all, she’s too power-hungry to think of something ordinary at her age – like stepping down, retiring, and letting the new generation run the country.

AOC has already spoken out to say that she wants to see a more progressive candidate for the House Speaker. She told CNN’s Jake Tapper that she would consider other Democratic candidates to replace Pelosi.

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When pointedly asked if the Dems keep the House and Pelosi runs again, will AOC vote for her…the answer is a bit muddled. There’s no guarantee that AOC will vote for the California Democrat. She’s more focused on making sure that the House wins at that moment. However, she said that “I am committed to making sure that we have the most progressive candidate there.”

Essentially, the only way that AOC plans on supporting Pelosi is if she’s the “most progressive” candidate for the position.

It seems that AOC and Pelosi clash on so much – and it’s proof that there’s not just one party within the Democrats anymore. There are the moderate Dems and the progressive Dems. The approach to immigration, the impeachment of Donald Trump, and so much more vary – and this could be a dangerous riff that is being created.

In July 2019, Pelosi and AOC met privately as a way to reach and understanding. They’re both House Representatives – but they couldn’t be more opposing. Pelosi is an 80-year-old from California while AOC is a 31-year-old from New York. It’s hard to get much different. For the sake of their party, though, they have called somewhat of a truce to show that they can get along.

Now, though, as it appears that the House may remain with the Democrats, the conversation of who the Speaker of the House will be is getting louder. And it appears that the gloves are off once again as AOC wants to explore her options.

It all depends on who else within the House of Representatives will decide to stand up against her. Many Dems across the country, in and out of politics, aren’t fans of the way that Nancy Pelosi operates. They believe that she is difficult to work with. Further, she often tries to put the needs of illegal immigrants ahead of the needs of Americans. It’s one of the reasons why an economic stimulus couldn’t be agreed upon.

There’s another thing to consider, too – who wins the election. If Trump wins the election again, it would be better to get Pelosi out of her position of Speaker of the House simply because she has proven time and again that she hates the man and that she doesn’t want to work with him. The reality is that she’ll have to put her personal differences behind her and focus on what the United States needs. We can’t wait another four years before she’s willing to make a deal simply because she doesn’t like who Americans voted for.

As for who will run against Pelosi for the position, there’s no telling. It could easily be anyone with the right resume who wants to stand up. And if they’re even a little bit more progressive than Pelosi, AOC will be all over them. It’s probably fair to say that anyone would be better than Pelosi at this point.

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