Pelosi and Her Band of Anti-American Terrorists in the House Secretly Halt Border Funds


The liberal-socialists of the House are at work again trying to secretly deny funding for further securing the southern border. Many Democrats have shown in the past several months that they are all about supporting crime and denying law enforcement the funds they need to protect people.

The southern border is a river of crime as criminals and gang members try to cross into America every day. Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the anti-American band of terrorists in the House want the border open so their cartel friends can continue to invade and destroy the United States.

President Trump has gone to great lengths to fix the leaks that have plagued the border for decades. His promise to secure American soil and make the nation great has only been met by ridiculous opposition from the left. But President Trump has found ways around their blockades and continues to secure America.

The socialist controlled House is trying to push two spending bills that have no funding in them for the southern border wall construction project. The drafts that have been published flat out deny any money for the further construction of the one thing that will protect Americans from the terrors that exist in northern Mexico.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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The Appropriations Committee released the drafts knowing full well that the funds were not being made available for the president to build the wall. This is the Houses attempt to pass liberal funded bills and hide them under the violence that has people’s attention elsewhere.

The $300 billion provides money for military construction projects, money for the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Department of Homeland Security. $10.1 billion of the total amount is for military construction projects and now one penny is allocated for the wall project.

The Democrats in the House hate the president so much that they are not willing to allow a cent to protect Americans. They killed all parts of the bill that would have spelled out the funding for the wall. But they took out their big pink eraser and erased it all.

Nita Lowey chairs the Appropriations Committee. She stated that “This bill honors our commitment to the men and women in our armed services, to our veterans, and to military families, who sacrifice every day for our nation. Critically, the bill will prevent President Trump from stealing any more appropriated funds from urgently needed military infrastructure projects to pay for his wasteful border wall.”

But that is what this is all about. Their hatred for the president keeps them from doing what is best for the country. And that is to protect the legal citizens from harmful people coming up from the south.

According to the bill, $50.72 billion provides the Department of Homeland Security with what they need to do their job. But at the same time, the bill blocks $1.374 billion from a barrier to protect people.

Nancy Pelosi is just simply playing politics because she hated the fact that the president got the best of her in 2019 when he declared a state of emergency because of the crime coming into the country from the south.

The state of emergency allowed President Trump the right to build the barrier wall. But corrupt Pelosi needs a win against President Trump to show that she still has a fighting spirit after all of her losses in the past four years.

The barriers also help fight against the number of drugs being shipped into the country each year. Democrats are on the side of the drug cartels as they want the American people all drugged up before they go and vote in November.

The Senate is expected to shoot down the bills based on the fact that they are hateful towards the president. Any attempt to defund the wall will only result in a Senate bill burning party.

The American people are blessed to have President Trump in office. He looks out for the common legal citizen that simply wants to go to work each day and live free. He continues to make the nation great every day.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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