Oregon Cuts the Heart Out of Protesters Using a Very Simple Method


President Trump’s plan worked to restore peace to Portland. The presence of federal troops was enough to force the lazy Democrats to get off the couch and empower the local and state police to purge the region of terror and violence.

And it came by getting rid of the campers that had set up residence for the sole purpose of rioting. The violent rioters had set up their temporary homes near the government buildings that they were attacking every night.

The presence of federal agents was detested by liberals. Simply because it reminded them of their failure and the fact that they had let the rest of the city down. They were not protecting people but were encouraging violence.

They had tied the police’s hands so they could not do their job. But President Trump stepped in and forced them to do the right thing and protect people.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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The Deputy Director of the FBI met with Kate Brown, the governor of Oregon, and set the record straight about the seriousness of the threat that the state is facing at the hands of leftist violent rioters.

The fact that they are targeting the courthouse tells the story that they all hate law and order. All they want to do is turn Oregon into a state full of chaos. The meeting was to set the record straight and what the governor needed to do so the federal agents could go home.

Brown had to realize that the lower levels of city government had failed the people and it was time for her to take over. The liberal traitors allowing the violence to continue needed to have their hands slapped and told to take action.

She was told to send in the state police to work alongside the local officers to clear out the parks and surrounding streets so no one could have access to the courthouse.

The plan would take aggressive action, but it would work in the end. This was not a plan that could sit on the shelf and wait for six months to implement. It had to be ready to go in 24 hours.

The cowardly city leaders were going to be ordered to empower the police to take action powerful enough to put a stop to it all once and for all. Brown was told that if she wanted the federal agents gone, then the violence had to stop forever.

The plan did not allow the mafia a staging area in the park. They would receive no medical support or stations for water. There would be no support from local law enforcement since they were going to get ugly towards them. The state and local police instead went on the offensive and kick the terrorists out of the area.

The federal government, under the wise leadership of the president, took back Portland by making the lazy liberals do their job. And of course, none of the liberals are acknowledging the fact that they were told to do that job. They are trying to save face and keep the president from getting the credit for stopping the protests.

But the plan went into action and there was not one riot that took place. For the first time in over two months, the city was at peace. And the entire city cried out “thank you, President Trump.” The president cares about people and he will stop in and put a stop to crime to keep the peace.

The funny part about the deal is that the rioters did not have their lounge chairs to rest in during that period. Without support, they failed to launch. There was no direction for them because they have no true leader that can organize them. BLM and the rest were denied access and they ran like cowards.

The end is in sight for the BLM group and their masters of the Democratic Party. November is fast approaching. Voters are ready to kick the traitors out of the office and put people in their place that truly care about them. People like President Trump.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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