NYPD Shows What Police Are All About as He Takes Down Killer While Off Duty


Law enforcement all over the country is receiving a bad reputation at the hands of the Democratic Party and its followers. For months, they have been targeted with violence and false accusations by the media and people that feel they have targeted them.

The one thing that is not being told is the heroic actions taken every day by law enforcement officers. The liberals would instead tell fake stories of injustice to continue to live their lives of crime.

Armed criminals are described as heroes and innocent victims by the media every time police officers take them down. Liberal reporters find the so-called victim’s family and friends and get their lopsided account of how wonderful the thug was. They never mention the threat he was to himself or officers.

The only thing the media and liberals want to do when someone is shot is to try and make the police out to be the bad guy. The reason why they take this approach is so they can undermine law and order. In a Democratic world, law and order do not exist. A dictatorship rules the land and defines what is right and wrong based on feeling and not fact.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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But police officers such as Jason Maharaj are heroes. They put their lives on the line every day without knowing if they have the support of their leaders or if they will return home once their shift is finished.

They do not make a lot of money, so the financial gain is not the reason why they do their jobs. They do their jobs because they want to make America safe for everyone.

Jason Maharaj is the perfect example of what makes up a police officer. He tackled an armed shooter that pulled a gun on a deli worker and killed him in cold blood.

He was not punched in for the day or even getting paid for his efforts. He simply did what was right, which was to stop a man from killing any more innocent people.

Maharaj was in the store when the shot was fired that killed the deli employee. He put his own life on the line to stop a criminal from getting away with murder. Maharaj was able to hold the man until on-duty officers could take him into custody.

The hero did not waiver in his commitment to provide safety and protect lives. It did not matter what the color of skin the person had or where he lived. A murder was committed, and the shooter had to answer for the crime. Maharaj was the force that would end the violence that happened that day.

The Democrats and the media have been mostly silent about this man’s heroism. It would only hinder their efforts to defund the police or reform law enforcement so that it is nothing more than a joke of a system.

The New York Police Commissioner is Dermot Shea. He tweeted that “On & off-duty, your NYPD cops put their lives on their line to protect New Yorkers — it’s what they do. Outstanding work, Officer Maharaj!”

The vast majority of officers around the country have the same attitude that Maharaj has regarding protecting people. They want to make America safe and keep the country great.

Every police union and agency support President Trump because of the support he gives to them to do their jobs.

The shooter was a man that lived in his van. When he could not pay for his items, he was escorted from the premises. Instead of finding the money, he returned with a gun and shot the clerk.

The Democrats would side with the shooter because they believe that the deli should have just given him the items without paying for it. This mirrors their socialist beliefs.

When the video was released, Shea stated that “The moment after a man shot & killed a deli worker, off-duty NYPD Officer Maharaj, without regard for his own safety, tackled the shooter, disarmed him & held him for responding cops.”

Maharaj is a hero and should be broadcasted as one worldwide to put the liberals in their place and stop the movements to defund the police.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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