Neo-Marxists Hell-Bent on Destroying America


The American Experiment is on life support.

Regardless of who wins the elections, American cities will burn because elements outside of U.S. society are hell-bent on destroying our American community, erasing our shared history, and ripping out the roots of our nation, and replacing it with a perverted communist agenda.

The America they want is utterly alien and antithetical to the America we know and love. Their Radical Left agenda would render the United States as it has been since our country’s founding in 1776 unrecognizable.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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“Death to America” is no longer the cry of jihadists in Fallujah or radical clerics in Tehran. “Death to America” is now shouted in the streets of the United States in Far-Left cities such as Portland, Oregon, and the radicalizing is metastisizing across the country. “Death to America” was the call to arms when Antifa rioters burned the small, sleepy town of Kenosha, Wisconsin, to the ground.

Only President Trump, law enforcement, and good patriots like yourself stand between this sprint into anarchy and the preservation of our great democratic republic.

These acts of violence didn’t happen overnight. The neo-Marxist project has been in motion since the culture wars of the 1960s and has built on five decades of indoctrination in American schools, colleges, and universities, along with the tectonic leftward shift in the news media. The Maoist Left has now fully captured public education in America.

America’s young have become so brainwashed that they no longer can discern the obvious contradictions in their actions and speech: they are intolerant, bigoted, biased, crude, rude, anti-democratic, and hateful all the while as they shout down innocent people for not being tolerant and proclaiming their own “hidden racism” and “white privilege.”

It would be funny and pathetic if the Radical Left weren’t so destructive and hell-bent on destroying America.

A sort of reverse racism is at play with this new breed of neo-Marxist Social Justice Warriors, wherein we are not all Americans accorded equal rights under the law and afforded with the opportunity to pursue happiness, but we are confined to the fate of our race and the color of our skin, putting Americans in boxes labeled “white,” “black,” “brown,” et cetera.

There is something deeply sick and disturbing about a Democratic Party that, since Barack Obama’s election, has seen its electoral strategy as not only one of pitting Americans against each other for political gain, but creating a culture of victimhood wherein – for instance – black Americans are told that they’re powerless and oppressed and that America hates them.

It’s much like the communist binary of the bourgeoisie vs. the proletariat that the Bolsheviks used to seize power in 1917, with millions dying in the totalitarian Soviet experiment that followed.

This manufactured tribalistic violence by the Radical Left (which has absorbed the Democratic Party) is taking over the sacred idea of our national American community, which has been responsible for our prosperity for over two centuries.

The assault on the U.S. Constitution, coupled with the unrelenting fantasyland charges of “structural racism,” “white privilege,” and “intolerance” are all aimed squarely at dynamiting America’s founding principles.

First, they came for Teddy Roosevelt. Next, it’s George Washington and the shredding of the U.S. Constitution. Meanwhile, anyone who doesn’t agree with the neo-Marxists is a “racist.”

If the neo-Marxist agenda feels foreign to you that’s because it is — it is a radical ideology that is wholly incompatible with American government and traditions.

As cities burn and racialists push to re-segregate public spaces, the deconstruction of the American nation is coming dangerously close to completion. Joe Biden either doesn’t have a clue or he is too weak and controlled by the Radical Left.

The neo-Marxist Radical Left is carving up the institutions of American democracy and stripping them of their national traditions. If the Radical Left succeeds, the U.S. will lose its culture and morph into a new socialist oligarchy that crushes the American heartland and sends American working families spiraling into poverty and under state control.

The stakes are in full view for anyone to see. That is why is it so important, regardless of reservations, to vote for President Trump and Republicans on November 3rd.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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