NBA Forgets Fans in Attempt to Get Political–What’s Going On?


Sports are never going to be the same. And it’s because athletes don’t care about playing on the field. They have forgotten that they have million-dollar contracts because of their fans. Instead, they want to get political. It started with kneeling during the national anthem. Now, the NBA has decided to up the ante by skipping games entirely all in the name of one police shooting.

NBA basketball players are willing to throw their entire career away because a man by the name of Jacob Blake was shot by cops in Kenosha. Oh, sure, there’s more to the story than that. However, Blake was shot because he resisted arrest. This wasn’t as innocent as the liberal media wants to make it out to be. It wasn’t as simple as a black man being shot by white cops for no reason.

Most athletes should be begging to finally get out on the court and play. After all, the pandemic has made it nearly impossible to gather in groups for months. But, no. They want to make it as political as possible as they protest police brutality.

It started with the Milwaukee Bucks not taking the floor when they were supposed to playoff against the Magic. The claim was that the entire state was rocked by police officers shooting a black man.

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Really? Shootings happen every day. It’s never stopped the Chicago White Sox. The Chicago Bears. The Miami Dolphins. What makes this any different? It’s about trying to tear apart the law enforcement agencies around the country.

Yes, Jacob Blake was shot by a cop. However, there’s a reason why the governor and the District Attorney won’t disclose if Blake was reaching for a weapon or not.

If he was reaching for a weapon, the police were doing their job. If he wasn’t reaching for a weapon, the police shouldn’t have shot seven times.

Why not just disclose that he didn’t have a weapon? It might actually make the uproar that much more acceptable? Unless…unless he did have a weapon. Unless the man that the police shot was reaching for a weapon where he was going to fire on the police.

The NBA wants to paint the phrase “Black Lives Matter” on the courts of their arenas. Great. Black lives do matter. The question is, are you saying that you want everyone to acknowledge that black lives matter or are you backing the organization of the same name? If it’s the latter, that’s a problem. They’re a terrorist organization focused on tearing the country apart.

If the NBA is so committed to societal change and ending racial injustice, why not sit down with the police departments? Why not call for meetings in DC? Boycotting games is not the way to get anything done. It simply shows that they have little to no regard for their fans.

Doc Rivers, the coach for the LA Clippers said, “We’re the ones getting shot… We’ve been shot. And all you do is keep hearing about fear. It’s amazing why we keep loving this country and this country does not love us back. And it’s just, it’s really so sad.”

It is sad. And it’s sad that the NBA thinks that by boycotting games, it’s suddenly going to change. There has to be an understanding that it’s not just the black people being shot, though. Cops have shot white people, too. It’s about them doing their job. It’s about criminals needing to understand that there is a protocol when dealing with the police. Reaching for things inside of a car when you’ve already got guns aimed at you is a bad idea.

And it’s not just the cops shooting people. There’s gun violence throughout the U.S. Look at Chicago, LA, Miami. There are gangs responsible for shooting more people than cops. Where’s the outrage at that?

With many NBA players being predominantly black, they have a right to be mad and scared. If they want change, though, boycotting games is only going to punish the fans. It’s not going to teach Democratic leaders to step up.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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