Meet the Democrat Who Turned on His Party During the First Night of the Republican National Convention


Georgia Democratic State Rep. Vernon Jones took aim at his own party on the first night of the Republican National Convention Monday, saying that they have become “infected” with “intolerance, bigotry, socialism, anti-law enforcement bias.”

Jones has a history in politics serving as the chief executive officer of DeKalb County, Georgia, from 2001 until 2009 after serving as a member of the Georgia House of Representatives from 1993 to 2001. He has been a Georgia State Representative since 2017, but his disillusionment with his party has reached a breaking point, as he said on Monday.

“The Democratic Party does not want Black people to leave the mental Plantation they’ve had us on for decades,” Jones said according to The Daily Wire. “But I have news for them: We are free people with free minds. I am part of a large and growing segment of the Black community who are independent thinkers. And we believe that Donald Trump is the President that America needs to lead us forward.”

According to Jones, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is not someone that Americans should be putting their faith in, but he has himself suffered for his support of President Donald Trump’s run for a second term. According to Jones, he was “threatened, called an embarrassment, and asked to resign by my party.”

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The state representative talked about his incredible history of growing up in the south with hard-working parents who built a house with their own hands.

“They had very limited education. But they instilled in us a strong work ethic that drove me from the tobacco fields of North Carolina to hallowed halls of the Georgia General Assembly,” Jones said. “My parents taught me if I believed in God, worked hard, and treated every person fairly, there was no limit to what we could achieve.”

His parents also laid the groundwork for his higher education, which he obtained at North Carolina Central University which is a historically black college, and one that the president has vastly impacted during his term in office.

“For generations, HBCUs have been the breeding ground for black scholars in math, science, religion, engineering, and politics. They have been important springboards for black success ever since. But Democrats haven’t treated them like that,” Jones continued. “When President Trump took office, he changed everything. He delivered historic funding to HBCUs. And he guaranteed it for 10 years. That gave our HBCUs stability-the chance to grow and produce the next generation of black leaders.”

Jones when on to explain his rationale for supporting the president, despite the harsh backlash from his party and those he has spent a life working alongside, saying that he has seen the impact of the president’s decisions on school choice, giving children access to better education, and an inclusive economy that has broken records for lowering unemployment for Black Americans.

“He put the interests of American workers — and especially black workers — First,” Jones said.

Jones is one of the most recent high profile Black Americans who have thrown off the bonds of obligation to the Democratic party, encouraging fellow people of color to see what the president has done, instead of just what people say about him.

Recently commentator Candace Owens drew heat for her calling fellow Black people to rally around the good in their community instead of defending the bad. Congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik has also made waves for saying in her recent campaign ad that living in a Democratic-controlled city is one of the worst things a Black person can do for themselves in America today.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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