Mail-In Ballots Arrive…With Extras for Good Measure?


There’s nothing wrong with mail-in ballots. Trump is overreacting. We’ve all heard it, yet the states aren’t doing anything to make it easier to believe it.

Mail-in ballots are being tossed in the trash in Pennsylvania. Everyone is receiving a ballot by mail in New Jersey whether they asked for one or not.

Meanwhile, in California, residents are getting a few extra sent to them by mail. Sure, why not. It’s 2020 after all.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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California really needs to be a bit more discreet if they’re going to rig the elections. As Glenn Beck recently said on his talk show, we already know how Californians are going to vote.

However, it seems that they want to go above and beyond to make sure that the state votes in a Democratic fashion. Yet, the only thing that they’re doing is shining a spotlight on the broken system of mail-in ballots.

Voter registrar offices are failing to purge their systems. As a result, there are dead voters and those that have moved still in the system. Now, as ballots come racing in before, on, and after Election Day, what are the systems in place to make sure that dead people aren’t voting? That one citizen isn’t voting two or three or four times? This is the real concern.

Oh, but everyone will only get one ballot. That’s the lie they keep telling us, right?

A recent example of why we can’t believe some has appeared in Los Angeles of all cities. Someone received their mail-in ballots and, they received two additional ballots for a couple they do not know and who, obviously, do not live at their property.

The issue was brought to social media to identify that they are receiving too many ballots. Clearly, the person who took the issue to social media has security concerns. As he identifies, he could easily fill out the ballots, mail them back to the state, and no one would know any difference.

They would have to determine that signatures don’t match, and it’s unlikely that the poll workers are going through that much effort with every ballot that is cast. That means that they would be counted.

Although such activity would be considered voter fraud, the state of California is presenting the opportunity for so many people to commit voter fraud.

Meanwhile, the person with the extra set of ballots also weighs the other dilemma. If he throws the ballots in the trash, he may potentially deny that couple in California from being able to cast their vote.

It appears that President Trump is right to question the entire mail-in ballot system. It is also why he has been advocating so heavily for a request-based system. California is one of several states that has chosen to send out ballots to everyone, whether requested or not. It creates a significant problem for not only fraud but also abuse and waste.

If this couple received an extra set of ballots, it is likely that there are similar situations all over the state. It raises the important question of whether the California election results are compromised, and more importantly, can we trust the results?

As the couple that received the extra ballots identified, they have been writing “not at this address” on ballot materials for the past eight months, yet they are still getting information from the County for this couple. It is unlikely that everyone else is following the same due diligence in order to return incorrect ballots.

Thousands of examples all over the country are pouring in. People are receiving ballots for dead family members, for people who have moved out of their homes years ago, and for people they have never heard of.

Yet, the Dems continue to berate Trump that he is overreacting and that there are no issues to be had with the election.

The only way to prove them wrong is to ensure that Trump comes out on top even after they have tried to rig the ballot systems in their favor.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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