Liberals Find Unexpected New Way to Blame Trump for Leftist Destruction


According to some members of the mainstream media, President Donald Trump is actually to blame for what his detractors have destroyed in their frustration with his presidency.

This accusation comes as the United States braces for more nationwide rioting, regardless of the results of the election. The riots are unarguably perpetrated by those who relentlessly oppose the president and support former Vice President and Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden.

However, despite the president had nothing to do with the rioters or their actions, despite his mobilization of national guard, United States Marshals and even corrections offices to put down the unrest, Anne Applebaum, a staff writer for The Atlantic, claimed on Sunday that the major businesses that are boarding up in anticipation of the election, have the president to blame.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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“When conservatives celebrated Trump’s election 4 years ago, did they know that in 2020 we would board up shops, prepare for riots and the arrival of militias, game out ways he might steal the election, protest aggressive vote suppression? This is what he has done to America,” Applebaum said. “Plus gum up the US postal service, incite supporters to violence …”

Sadly, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author amassed quite a bit of support, as liberals piled on, wishing to place blame for excessive violence and loss of property and life on the shoulders of the person that the rioters opposed.

As of this writing, the tweet had garnered more than 33,000 likes and over 10,000 re-tweets. However, at least some of the readers were unwilling to allow the logical fallacy to pass them by, pointing out that the built of the violence that the United States has suffered this year has been dolled out at the hands of far-left groups, with Antifa and Black Lives Matter at the helm.

“(1) Shops are being boarded up in preparation for Democrats rioting; (2) Democrats are gaming out ways of taking the White House (see John Podesta); (3) Democrats are already claiming if he wins, it’s because of phantom voter suppression,” The Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro responded to The Atlantic staff writer

“A good example of how elites on the left have normalized political violence from others on the left — and the resultant destruction of property and peace, and possibly the republic itself,” The Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway said.

“Yes. Those of us who have watched the left march far leftward over the past 10 years could have predicted that by 2020 you guys would have become full-on violent communist revolutionaries — and that has nothing to do with Trump,” Allie Beth Stuckey, host of “Relatable,” said.

Businesses in major cities across the nation, including Los Angeles, New York City, Washington D.C., and Chicago have been reminding Americans that they can no longer trust those they’ve spent years serving not to take the opportunity afforded by the cover of darkness to wreck their businesses and livelihoods.

This lesson was learned the hard way after the summer of riots and looting that caused exponential damage after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the worldwide outrage that followed. Those riots caused death and destruction the likes of which most of the rioters have never experienced in their lifetimes.

The Antifa members and Black Lives Matters participants were fueled by politicians who not only paid attention to their cause but made excuses for the damage and loss of life, calling it collateral damage that was acceptable in pursuit of the vague goal of social justice.

Case in point, New York Times writer Nikole Hannah-Jones who said that “Destroying property, which can be replaced, is not violence … I think any reasonable person would say we shouldn’t be destroying other people’s property, but these are not reasonable times.”

But yeah, that seems like it’s Trump’s fault.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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