Kamala Can Only Manage to Speak to Pitiful Numbers


If Barrack Obama was the golden boy of the Democratic Party, Kamala Harris is the second coming. They want to tout her as the solution that they’ve been seeking – the puzzle piece that will bring prosperity and peace to the United States. The problem is that she isn’t liked by either party.

The liberals didn’t want her on the ticket because they saw her as more of a “cop” than anything else. That doesn’t fly so well when so many liberals are screaming to defund police departments. The conservatives don’t want her, either, because she’s insincere and flip flops on the issues too much.

The turnout is proof that Kamala Harris isn’t the vice presidential nominee anyone wanted to see. She was supposed to speak in Asheville, North Carolina last week but canceled when she got spooked about the pandemic. So, she showed up on Wednesday for a “get out the vote” event.

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Oooh, a chance to see Kamala Harris. Shouldn’t the place be flooded with people who want to meet the second coming? The one who is going to bring peace and socialism to the Democratic Party? Crickets.

The video coverage of the event showed maybe half a dozen supporters. The total attendance may have been somewhat more, but not drastically.

This is the real reason why the Dems want to get mad at Trump. They like to point the finger and say that he’s holding “super spreader” events. It has nothing to do with the pandemic. They’re jealous. They’re jealous that they can’t come close to the kinds of numbers that Trump can generate. Yet, they are still delusional enough to think that they are ahead in the polls. They need to realize that the polls aren’t a realistic look at who people are going to vote for. Millions of people don’t get polled – and, therefore, it’s a grossly overrated tool.

When Harris got in front of the crowd, she told them that she and Biden were fighting for the “soul of our nation” and identified that the coronavirus is an accelerator, explaining that it highlighted all that was wrong with the country and made it worse.

It’s important that both parties spend time in North Carolina since it looks like it will be a close race. This is true in both the presidential and the senatorial races.

Nothing that Harris spoke about is true, however. In true Democratic fashion, she spoke using fear tactics. She attacked the Trump administration more than she talked about how she and Biden would turn the country around.

She spoke about the response to the pandemic – and everyone is so tired of hearing about it. The CDC has said that there was very little that could have been done differently. Countries all around the globe are struggling with the pandemic, even eight months later.

Harris also chose to condemn the GOP, calling the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court “illegitimate.” As a lawyer, she should know the terms that she throws around. There have been plenty of instances throughout US history where the Senate chose to move forward with the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice, especially when the president and the Senate have the same party affiliation. It wasn’t illegitimate then and it isn’t illegitimate now.

Harris could talk until she’s blue in the face. The problem is that she’s not really talking. She’s pointing the finger. She wants to talk about the Trump administration’s shortcomings instead of talking about the plan for the Biden-Harris administration. It is possible that they don’t have a plan at all – they’ll get their orders from Queen Pelosi and the rest of the Dems who are controlling things from behind the scenes.

In the end, though, Harris can say what she wants simply because she can’t garner enough of a crowd for it to matter. She may have swayed a dozen people who showed up at the event. And the reality is, if they came out to hear her speak, they were already planning to vote for her.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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