It’s Hard to Promote Unity When You’re Calling the GOP a Bunch of F–ers


Joe Biden has won the election and he will be our president. Isn’t this what the Democrats promised would be necessary for the country to heal? As he’s talking about unity, his deputy chief of staff is calling Republicans a “bunch of f—ers.”

Charming, right?

Exactly how are we supposed to heal and gain unity when there is childish name-calling going on? Biden’s campaign promised that he would bring professionalism. The Democratic Party continuously yelled at Trump for the name-calling – but it’s okay when they do it?

Jen O’Malley Dillon, the deputy chief of staff, was interviewed for Glamour magazine. She responded to reporter Glennon Doyle about how Biden has managed to redefine compromise.

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She goes on to explain that Biden was able to connect with people because of his desire to gain unity. She mentioned that people mocked him during the primaries when he said that he would be able to work with Republicans.

Then, wait for it, she said, “I’m not saying they’re not a bunch of f—ers.” She also referred to Mitch McConnel as “terrible.”

She’s the very reason that there’s not going to be any unity in the country. How can you possibly work for a president who is all about unity and trying to heal the nation when you can’t even get through a single interview without insulting the other half?

Perhaps Biden is well aware of how O’Malley Dillon feels and feels the same way. However, when the camera is rolling, he’ll smile and make promises of unity.

The deputy chief of staff has gone onto Twitter on multiple occasions to share her feelings about how excited she is for Biden to have won the election and to be working for him. She has said that he’s the one that will “save the soul” of the U.S.

O’Malley Dillon may not be the one that he wants on his team, then. She says one thing but clearly feels another way. Maybe she didn’t think that her comment about Republicans would get out – and it’s not as though she called the Trump administration the name – it was a blanket statement to include each and every American who is affiliated with the Republican party.

As if she needs to praise Biden a bit more, she goes on to explain that she believes the country will be stronger and that politics can heal under his administration.


How is it that politics will get healed when you, yourself, can’t stop insulting the other side?

Someone needs to tell her to keep the GOP out of her mouth. That might be one way to heal. Let’s stop with the insults and actually work together – unless it’s all a front.

O’Malley Dillon can’t possibly mean anything that she says. She calls Republicans “f–ers” in one breath and talks about how there’s a negative and polarized electorate that has to be broken down in the next breath. How is it that such a thing is going to be broken down with insults?

It appears that we as Americans have been lied to. Biden is not one for unity. He is not going to be the way that heals the country. If his own campaign manager is saying such vile comments about the other party while still talking about unity, it’s a lie.

It is O’Malley Dillon’s lies that helped Biden get to where he is. She was the one responsible for turning his meager primary campaign into the robust presidential campaign that it became. She also made history for being the first female to manage a Democratic presidential campaign that resulted in the person being elected.

Thanks to her lies, Biden is now the president – and we must deal with the false claims of unity while being called names for the next four years.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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