Is Trump Nailing Himself to the Cross Over Mail-In Voting?


It’s important to work with conviction. President Trump has conviction, even if it’s going to be the last nail that goes into his cross. Mail-in voting is riddled with fraud. It’s the way for the Dems to cheat their way into the White House, and Trump is going down swinging.

We can only hope that his conviction is what will also get him resurrected…in the polls, that is.

The Dems are staking their reputation on the fact that mail-in ballots are safe. Yet, this also comes from the party who has just tried to pass a law that will allow them to vote for dementia patients without their consent.

Mail-in ballots have countless problems.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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It’s common for falsified voter registrations to take place. With no personal appearance, people can vote multiple times under assumed names.

Voter registration rolls are inherently corrupt. The problem has been going on for a while, too. In the 2000 general election, 261 counties along with the states of Montana and Alaska certified more voters than their actual adult population.

Ballots can be lost in the mail. Ballots are unreadable if someone uses the wrong writing instrument at home.

Even when absentee ballots have been requested in the past, about 10% are marked as undeliverable. It means that about 1 out of 10 people may not have their voices heard – and that’s too many to risk.

Trump has listed countless others, too – people receiving ballots for those who no longer live at the address, kids who moved out, parents who are in nursing homes…Oh, and let’s not forget about the whole ballot stuffing.

Have you ever gotten a piece of mail that clearly wasn’t yours? Yep. That’s the problem with mail-in ballots right there.

And, ballots could be sent to questionable addresses – empty homes, bars, motels, fraternity houses, and more. Who will fill those in? You don’t think people are just going to rip them up, right? More voter fraud – and that’s what the Dems are counting on.

No one wants to vote if they don’t think their voice will be heard. Mail-in voting is fraudulent and everyone knows it. The only reason the Dems want to move forward with it is so that they can spin it in their favor.

Polls show that a high number of Trump voters in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Michigan would be less likely to vote in November if they receive a ballot in the mail. Meanwhile, only a small fraction of Biden voters say receiving a paper ballot would deter them from voting.

Trump isn’t saying that there’s the need to delay the election. Although the Dems love the conspiracy theory that Trump is planning on staying in the White House forever, Trump just wants a fair fight. And mail-in ballots are hardly playing fair.

There is a concern about health, however. In fact, about 70 percent of voters in swing-states are concerned about going to a polling site when they view the pandemic as a “very serious” problem.

The reality is that Trump has more to lose if voters don’t make it out to the polls. Many Trump supporters skew older than those of Biden.

There’s really no Plan B. Mail-in ballots have been used in past elections, predominantly as the “absentee ballot.” Mail-in ballots will have to be used to allow people an alternative for voting in person. And, the USPS will have to be the delivery method to the voter and to the polling location.

Trump continues to fight, though. He’ll fight until the end because he has no other choice. As for whether he’ll issue an executive order, “I have the right to do it, we haven’t got there yet, but we’ll see what happens.” He references the New York Congressional race, which “is a are you going to do that for an entire nation?” And there lies his point.

As he makes it very clear, “Absentee ballots are great. But the universal mail-in ballots..” It’s a mess. And the Dems are famous for playing dirty, so it will be interesting to see how far Trump will be willing to take this fight.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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