Iran Regime Planning to Execute a Paralympian Champion for Criticizing Gym’s Being Closed


Let’s be honest. The past almost four years have been a tumultuous roller-coaster riding binge of ups, downs, and hairpin curves. We’ve been anything but bored as each new day has consistently given us plenty of fresh news to enjoy or hate over our morning coffee, depending on one’s political stance.

Longtime friends refuse to bury a hatchet they never before had, while the fallacy of family loyalty, no matter what, through thick and thin, has proven to be exactly what it is. A load of bunk.

But let’s be honest again. We should be thankful for the disruption and disharmony in our lives. We should give thanks for finding out that person we at one time admired is in reality a POS. We should be overjoyed that we offended Cousin Freddy or Uncle Alfred. Why? Because we live in America.

Some of the stuff, or a great deal of it, we’re spreading over the pages of Facebook, Twitter, and Parler would have us swinging from the end of rope elsewhere. In fact, there would be no more obnoxiously vocal Democrats to worry about. Certain governments around the world would have eliminated the pesky naysayers long ago. One of those is the government of Iran.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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You may recall the case of Iranian Olympic wrestler, Navid Afkari. After endless rounds of torture and unmerciful beatings, Afkari falsely confessed to murdering a security guard during anti-regime protests.

President Trump and his staff attempted to intercede on Afkari’s behalf but their words fell on deaf ears. The wrestler was executed.

Now a similar case in Iran has come to light. Authorities in Tehran have arrested Iranian Paralympian Reza Tabrizi for his openly criticizing the country’s Islamist regime, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Tabrizi was a silver-medal-winning powerlifter in New Zealand’s 2011 Paralympics world championship. On Instagram Tabrizi posted on how he could not understand why Iran has opened Mashad’s Imam Reza Shrine with the out-of-control coronavirus pandemic yet keeps refusing to open the city’s gyms.

While here in the U.S. this would be considered a rather tame post of no great significance, the Iranian government didn’t see things this way. He disagreed with one of their decisions, and that’s a huge no-no. Even worse. He did it publically.

Tabrizi is now sitting on death row awaiting his execution. What probably landed the poor guy in more trouble than anything is that he titled the post, “hypocritical.”

Iranian regime cleric and head-henchman Morteza Mustafazadeh, when made aware of the post, immediately dispatched a detail of brown-sandals to drag Tabrizi from his home.

Mustafazadeh expressed the exact sentiments of the regime by saying, “This guy had posted a threatening insult on his Instagram account and thought that in the country ruled by our religious beliefs he could do any damn thing that he wants. Thanks be to God he is now behind bars.” Shame on him for wanting to go to a gym.

The U.K. Telegraph reported that whether coerced into it or not, Tabrizi poured his heart out in a public apology. “I apologize to all my friends and fans and hereby state that the love of our religious saints runs in the blood of my family and if as a result of a moment of negligence I have hurt your feelings I do sincerely apologize and ask for your forgiveness,” he pleaded.

At this moment Tabrizi is literally fighting for his life. Will he meet the same fate as his fellow athlete Navid Afkari? If Mustafazadeh gets his way, he will.

We may squabble, fight, and call each other stupid names, but one thing is for certain, we don’t worry about it. We just do it. Don’t you just love being an American?

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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