Immigration Officer Attacked by Smugglers as They Try and Flee


Law enforcement all over the country is still under attack by the unlawful Democrats. The silent push to defund police and fund violent crowds tells a different story. The liberals do not respect or care about the men and women that put their lives at risk to keep the country safe. The risk that law enforcement officers face every day has tripled since the Democrats started their hateful marches against freedom.

Border agents at the southern border have the job of protecting Americans’ lives and caring for the immigrants being exploited with the promise of bringing them to America for a ton of money. Human smugglers take people by the thousands and endanger their lives, all for the sake of making a fast dollar.

To the smuggler, the border agent is their archenemy. In order to deliver their cargo, they have to beat the agents without getting caught. Over the weekend, one agent was seriously injured by a human smuggler that rammed his car into the agent while trying to get away.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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Other agents on the scene ended up shooting the man because he was using his vehicle as a weapon. The agent had his life changed in a moment because of one greedy illegal smuggler.

The Democrats are the type of people that would side with the smuggler. They blame the border agents for the death of the smuggler. There is not even a compassionate comment to the agent that was hit by the car. Joe Biden sided with the family of a man shot and killed in Wisconsin instead of siding with the police officers whose lives were in danger because the man refused to obey commands.

The human smugglers have been known to put lives in danger as they try and bring people across the border. They pack people into overcrowded vehicles and even into the back of semi-trailers. The problem is that the smugglers will ditch the trailer or vehicle if law enforcement shows up. Immigrants have died under these conditions in the past.

Border agents, ICE, and the Webb County police found a semi-trailer full of people. The smuggler was in the process of dropping the people off in Laredo, Texas when the police showed up. The Chief agent on the bust was Matthew Hudak. He stated that the criminals were found treating people like animals.

During the bust, a second trailer showed up with more people on it, and that is when things got bad. Hudak stated, “As it got close enough to realize the smuggling load had already been intercepted, the driver aggressively put his vehicle in reverse, trying to flee the scene.”

The truck driver pushed on the gas to get away and ended up hitting another vehicle nearby. That care hit an agent and pinned him between two cars. He was crushed between these cars and then taken to the hospital for treatment.

Officers do not like to discharge their weapons. But this was one of those times when a bullet was needed to stop the crime’s rampage that hurt people.

Hudak mentioned that “Over the last couple of weeks, we talked about the aggressive tactics being used by smugglers, and this is a very dangerous example of those tactics being escalated to an extremely dangerous level.” These are the kinds of people that the Democrats support and want to see the criminals flood the country.

Democrats hate the current immigration laws that the president has put into place. It closes all the loopholes that were being used by illegals trying to cross the border at checkpoints. These people knew what to say and even used kids to slide across the border.

President Trump is the only candidate that stands with law enforcement. He has made the laws favorable to prosecuting the smugglers. He has also made it extremely hard for illegals to cross at checkpoints. These people never show up for court dates and go into hiding to avoid being found by ICE. Biden will never stand with law enforcement. He seeks to dismantle and destroy American security and law enforcement agency that keep citizens safe from international dangers.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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