Here’s the Real Reason Kanye is Running for Office…He Doesn’t Want to Win…He Has Ulterior Motives


Very recently, reality TV star and social media queen Kim Kardashian, openly admitted how her music mogul hubby, Kanye West, suffers from a myriad of mental illnesses. Despite this fact, there is much more to this man than what meets the initial eye.

West is well known for his nonsense ramblings which at times make sense to only him. His fans often claim his verbal alphabet soup outbursts are simply too deep for commoners to interpret or understand. They say West’s innate wisdom is delivered directly from the spiritual realm. He is their guru of gibberish.

Be this as it may, lying deep below the surface of his purposeful facade, West knows exactly what he is doing. Tossing his name into the hat of 2020 presidential hopefuls was not a publicity stunt, nor does he believe he stands even the slightest chance of a landslide victory. Of course, he wants votes, but his reasoning is not what some might imagine.

Kanye West is an avid fan of Donald J. Trump and can often be seen sporting a red MAGA hat to prove it. Even as a now certified candidate, he still wears it. West is astutely aware of how every vote he receives, is a vote Biden will not receive. And who better to sway African-American voters away from making the mistake of their lives?

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In short, he’s helping Trump win, and this is his entire purpose. Certain members of the Republican party understand his motives and have been successful in getting his name added to the ballot.

Randall Lane of Forbes Magazine is one of the very few if the only, reporter West has chosen to speak with. In a recent interview, he openly admitted how he is in this thing to hurt Democrats. “I’m not denying it; I just told you,” he said.

Though West is currently polling at just 2%, don’t be fooled, 2% equals lots of votes. And they are votes he’s taking away from Biden.

West’s platform includes things such as the rearrangement of education to better prepare graduates for jobs outside of the norm, dealing with the student debt issue, avoiding foreign policy that doesn’t benefit America, a total reform of the criminal justice system, encouraging renewable energy as well as clean air and water, and trade deals that actually help the U.S. rather than harm it.

He shies away from controversial issues such as immigration, preferring to attack issues he knows are near and dear to the hearts of easily mislead Democrats. He also avoids any talk of religion, knowing Biden is a self-proposed man of faith, and craftily steers Democrats to other issues he knows are of importance to them.

Another figure he is aware of is how in 2019, 65% of black Democrats admitted they are moderate, or even conservative, and this plays right into his hands. He can offer them everything they are looking for in a candidate.

A Pew poll, which West is keenly aware of, stated this, “Black Democrats are more likely than other Democrats to say racism is a very big problem for the country: 79% of black Democrats say this, compared with 70% of Hispanic Democrats and 52% of white Democrats. Black Democrats also see job opportunities for all Americans as a bigger problem for the country than white or Hispanic Democrats.”

The same Pew poll indicated how 66% of black Americans polled, cited clean air and water as being a top priority for them. Also, 66% were all about creating better job opportunities, and 57% were adamant about criminal justice reform. These areas are all highlighted in West’s platform.

So in light of West’s often barley understandable rampages, which have turned him into a self- made multi-millionaire, his intellectual prowess is rising to the surface. He knows what he is doing. By convincing the public of how much he truly wants to win the election, he, in fact, is helping President Trump remain in office. And he’s doing a great job it.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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