Harris in Tears as VP Hopes Vanishes After Snub from Delegates


Joe Biden is searching high and low for his favorite woman to be his running mate. He has his list and constantly watches their performance on how they handle things.

Some of the wannabe contestants are deliberately playing the field hoping to attract his attention. Much like two birds fighting it out to claim the right to have the mate.

But with Biden’s fragile health he is having difficulty determining which female would be right for him.

There are three people that are coaching the crazy old man. Obama, Bernie Sanders, and the hissing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Each one of these three people is prepping him to be their puppet.

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The strings are attached. It is now just a matter of time to see which one crazy man picks to follow into November.

Obama seems to the be cheerleader coach. He has the pompoms and is using them to cheer Biden on to the finish line. Ocasio-Cortez is the subtle witch that seeks to turn Biden to the darker side with her pandering and parading of ideas.

And then there is good old man Bernie Sanders. As he wheels himself onto the scene he has a list of ideas that Biden needs to consider. It is the same agenda that he was going to promote if he was the candidate. Biden is the puppet and he is doing the bidding of everyone else.

There is another list that Bernie Sanders has produced, and it has three names of women that would be perfect for Biden’s exploits. The three women are women of color as that is the hottest issue floating around American right now.

Democrats would have picked different people if the climate so dictated. These three women are those that Sanders believes would make a good running mate for the crazy man. They are women that would do the will of Sanders if something were to happen to Biden.

Sanders is setting the stage for socialism to take over once Biden is out of the way. It is the subtle takeover of American politics that Sanders is pushing for.

To him, a socialist vice president is the next best thing than having Sanders sitting in the Oval Office. But Sanders has to be thinking of how to get rid of Biden. Democrats have no problem tearing into each other to put themselves in a better position to gain real power.

In a laughable moment, it was discovered that Kamala Harris did not make the cut. She has been Sanders’s right-hand girl all along the path to failure. And in the end, she gets dropped from consideration as being Biden’s choice.

Her wales of sorrow are being heard around the world. Sanders is telling Biden not to pick Harris for a host of reasons by keeping her off of his list. The least of which nothing is being said or her shortcomings as a person of character.

145 of the 153 delegates that voted for Biden in the primary race signed the list. Sanders is sending a clear message that the majority of the delegates want to see his women considered for being the next running mate. On that list include Barbara Lee, Karen Bass, and Nina Turner. All of which have close ties to Sanders.

Biden lied when he said in March that he was going to announce the lady of his dreams. He would tell all who that special person was going to be that would have the honor to be the vice-presidential running mate.

It is not like she would be the next Mrs. Biden, but close. As a Democrat, he is being told to pick a woman of color since racism is being stoked by the Democrats this year.

Harris is not making the shortlist because of her past. She has made too many enemies from her time as a prosecutor. Sanders believes that Biden needs more support since his health is deteriorating.

In his estimation, a strong woman is what Biden needs. And since he likes women it should be an easy choice for him to make with help.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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