Harris Chokes at Debate and Blames it on Her Being a Girl


Kamala Harris was incapable of debating on the level that Vice President Mike Pence was operating on. She could not think on his level or respond intelligently to the questions or rebuttals that came her way.

All of her supporters are going to declare that she won the debate. But the world that was watching know that Mike Pence destroyed her from the start of the discussion.

Harris was quick to blame her shortcomings of the fact that she was a woman. As if that had anything to do with it. It is not Pence’s fault that she is a girl or that she cannot speak well.

Those qualities have nothing to do with a person’s sex. It has everything to do with what they believe limits their ability to overcome the challenging areas of development in their own life.

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Harris needed an excuse, and she targeted her own womanhood as the cause for her failure to speak well during the debate. Megan McArdle from the Washington Post stated that Kamala Harris is … not a great debater.” Which is reasonably accurate as she did not make any ground against Pence.

Jake Tapper, a CNN anchor, suggested that Harris failed because she is a woman. And the fact that Harris never denied the statement shows she supports it. It would not surprise anyone if Harris had CNN ready to report that statement knowing that she was going to look foolish.

McArdle then called tapper out as she stated that “Jake Tapper is suggesting that Harris was not able to be aggressive because she’s a woman. That was … not my impression of how that debate went.”

Harris did not have a plan to answer questions with, and she sucked debating. It had nothing to do with her being a woman.

McArdle continued to blast the comment by saying, “I wish people would stop explaining every meh debate performance by a woman as a function of gender. Yes, there are challenges, but Elizabeth Warren is a good debater! Not all women are great debaters being held back by their sex-some of us, like some men, are just bad debaters.”

Every person that claims gender as an excuse is usually a Democrat. They are people that like to blame their shortcomings on something or someone else. Pence is just an excellent debater. He knows how to think, and he knows how to talk.

Harris kept leaving talking points out for Pence to jump all over on. She clearly could not wrap up her thoughts. Pence never rolled his eyes or slammed her as she did to him with locker room talk. He kept his composure and told the truth.

The feminist movement is something Harris subscribes to. She believes that women have some kind of gap to overcome. But the reality of the situation is that women are already equal.

The problem is that liberal women keep pushing the divide, so they have come to believe that they are still inferior. They are their own worst enemy.

The liberal media will never come out and say that Pence won. They will try to explain why Harris made a fool of herself and why she could not keep up with Pence.

Every reporter that tried to blame her foolish actions on gender were men. And every time they were responded to by a woman reported as not being truthful.

Harris is a terrible speaker and cannot hold her own as debater against someone with a caliber of Mike Pence.

The vice president never told a lie or left a talking point open. He told the truth and wrapped up his statements. The Democratic Party could not compete with him through Harris because they do not have a plan for the country. The things that Harris talked about were things of past generations. They were not her ideas.

President Trump and Mike Pence are both what this country needs for the next four years. The nation does not need a screwup like Joe Biden or a foolish childlike Kamala Harris.

Trump and Pence have a plan, and they intend to see it through for another four years.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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