Gov. Reeves Scorches ‘Liberal Media’ for Ignoring Protests During COVID Spikes


The media is supposed to be unbiased. They’re supposed to share the news as it happens without any kind of hidden agenda. However, the liberal media has become two-faced, showing only what they want you to see.

They’re covering the protests, showing the peaceful and non-peaceful protests that are happening around the country. Their photos show hundreds and thousands of people packed together in the streets, many with no masks on.

They’re also the first ones to talk about the spike in coronavirus numbers. They’ll blame the government for not shutting things down in time.

Now, how is it that the media won’t make the same connection that so many others have?

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The protests that began with the death of George Floyd are a potential factor in the spikes of the coronavirus. How can they not be? It’s the epitome of ignoring social distancing.

Governor Tate Reeves of Mississippi has decided that he’s had enough of the liberal media choosing what they’re going to talk about. He slams them for ignoring how the protests have played into the coronavirus spikes.

Why would the media leave out such an important detail? Well, if they connect the dots and blame the protests, they’re condemning the protests. They’re condemning BLM. They’re condemning the right to protest.

Reeves isn’t the only one who feels the liberal media is choosing to take a double standard. Conservatives and GOP officials have been pointing the finger at the media for a while in terms of how they’re covering the Black Lives Matter protests – especially the claim that they’re peaceful.

Something has to be done. The “flatten the curve” movement that the country was trying to achieve a few months ago is nowhere in sight. Numbers are climbing all across the country. Meanwhile, the media won’t say anything negative about the protests that could easily be contributing to the spike.

Reeves tweeted some of his condemnation: “Liberal media is trying to claim the increase of Coronavirus was just caused by family BBQs on Memorial Day. They completely ignore the fact that our uptick (and other states) began within days of massive protests all over—which they celebrated.”

He makes a major point, too. A family barbecue may have a few people over, but it’s easy to know whether other family members have been socially distancing and being cautious about the virus. In a protest, there are strangers all over the place – and social distancing is nonexistent because of squeezing into the areas.

Why can’t the liberal media just be honest? They have an obligation to the public to report the reality of what’s happening in the country. Countless individuals think that they’re doing the right thing by holding up signs and protesting within the cities. If they find out that there’s a greater risk of contracting COVID-19 because the media told them, perhaps they’ll be more likely to stay home.

It’s as if the media doesn’t want to say anything as a way to keep tearing the country apart. They can’t keep advertising that the protests are okay in one breath and telling people to stay home in the next. It’s causing confusion. The media outlets want people to believe that they’re immune to the virus if they protest – and that’s simply not the case.

There have been more and more conservatives speaking out. Governor Reeves has had enough – especially since the southern states have been plagued with more of the protests than anywhere else. It’s only a matter of time before more of the politicians in the south call the media out for who they really are – two-faced liberals who want to make it okay to protest without spreading the fear that they’re also at a greater risk of testing positive.

If the media doesn’t step up and do the responsible thing soon, the positive cases will be even more out of control than they already are.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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