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“For the First Time Ever, We’re Opening Our Cellar to Every American… Enjoy These 3 Amazing Malbecs!”

  • A Personal Malbec from Argentina’s Top Winemaker (95 points)
  • The Exclusive 8,950 ft. Malbec from Argentina’s Remote Salta Valley
  • A “Grand Reserve” Malbec From The Sacred Inca Valley of Famatina
  • A Tradition 200 Years in the Making
  • A Terroir 5,000 Miles Away
  • Handpicked Grapes
  • A French Malbec Vine That No Longer Exists in Europe
  • Notes of pepper, cacao, and mint…and much more

5,000 miles away… Across sprawling deserts… Distant peaks… and Lost valleys… Argentina is a terroir unlike any other on Earth…

An Old French Malbec Variety No Longer Found in Europe

Did you know that most European wines… aren’t European at all? They’re American! 150 years ago, a huge blight wiped out Europe’s grape vines. They saved the industry by replanting with American rootstocks immune to the blight!In Argentina, with its remote, high altitude vineyards, those old French malbec vines survived.

What Makes These Malbecs So Special

✓ Poor Soil (dry, dusty: excellent for grapes)
✓ Bad Weather (no rain, strong winds)
✓ Thin Atmosphere (breathing is hard work)
✓ Extreme UV levels (80% more intense than Bordeaux)
✓ Temperature drops as much as 77 degrees at night!

Three Wines 200 Years in the Making: Yours for $130 $69

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