For or Against? Kamala’s Memory is Just as Bad as Joe’s!


It’s so hard to remember certain things. You know, like whether you are for or against the death penalty. Remembering things can be a challenge, especially when you’re a politician who will say or do anything to be elected.

Just as Joe Biden has memory issues, it turns out Kamala Harris may be suffering from a few of her own. This is certainly an amazing ticket that the Democratic National Committee came up with. Someone better set a few reminders for Biden and Harris or they may forget to come out to the various debates coming up, too.

The death penalty. In today’s day and age, we have to look at the death penalty as a relevant form of criminal justice. After all, more and more people are committing crimes that would allow such a penalty to be invoked by a judge. BLM and Antifa have no problem with committing cold-blooded murder in the streets.

So, Kamala Harris, who served as the DA in San Francisco as well as the Attorney General for California, has had to deal with the death penalty on more than one occasion.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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Is she for it or against it?

Well, that’s where the memory issues become a problem. See, she just doesn’t remember.

Since she can’t seem to remember her stance, we’ll provide the update. From 2010 until 2016, she defended the imposition of the death sentence in California. She believed that it was warranted in some cases.

Now, the problem is that she worked in a state where they’re not too big on actually going through with it. There are 763 individuals currently sitting on Death Row. Yet, since 1976, there have only been 13 executions. There are always roadblocks in the Lib Central that is California, those roadblocks can be quite loud and opinionated. Bully for all of those sitting on Death Row.

Plenty of liberal judges have stood in the way of anyone sitting in the electric chair. But, with Kamala Harris being in favor of the death penalty, it proved that she was not as liberal as some of those that she worked with.

Herein lies the problem. She wasn’t liberal enough. Cue the political aides scurrying around to let Kamala know that she has to stop being in favor of the death penalty if she wants the veep spot. They can’t possibly make her the Biden VP choice if she’s not liberal enough.

Suddenly, Kamala Harris is no longer in favor of the death penalty. She has spent almost her entire career being in favor of it. And now, just like that, she’s against it. It’s funny how politics works. It can make you forget the darndest of things.

At one point, she was a heavy advocator for the death penalty. That quickly dwindled once she became Senator. And, since becoming close with Biden, she has officially changed.

Peter Bienart, a columnist, tried to come to her defense at one point. “Yeah, she changed her stance on police reform because of politics — so what?” Oh, so that’s okay? Changing your beliefs on a variety of topics is okay so long as it’s connected with politics. So, she’ll sell her soul to the devil himself as long as it gets her into the White House. Is that it?

It’s clear that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden were made for each other. It only makes sense for the two of them to go on a ticket together. Biden has evolved in the past year, moving from what many believed was a centrist position all the way to now being deemed as a liberal Dem.

What used to make him the level-headed solution to pair with Obama is no more. He’s evolved to make him become more electable. And Harris is guilty of the same things, dropping some of her ideas in order to get a better paycheck. Great job, DNC. Let’s see if we can get anyone else to forget who they used to be.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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