Fearful Media Finds Next Scary Story to Dwell On


The world lives in constant fear of the next pandemic or deadly disaster that sits in the shadows. But that fear is kept buried deep because life must on. People cannot be kept living in fear because it will destroy the very fabric of life. So, when the next disaster or nasty virus is identified, people need to be told, but not buried with the story day after day.

The Democrats have beaten COVID-19 to death as they keep pushing it on the public. In effect, they have tried to split the nation with the idea of a continuing pandemic. But now it seems that their media buddies are looking deep into other things that could be of a pandemic nature. There is no limit to the continuation of fear that they are trying to bring.

They use words that highly speculative and really would never come to be true. But that does not stop their speculation. These so-called experts are pushing the notion that another pandemic is going to show up at any moment and wreak havoc on the world. There is just no end to the liberal’s fear playbook.

What the liberals want to do is enlist scientific experts and put them out in the field with the hopes of monitoring things that “could” potentially threaten humankind. This means that they want to fund “experts” to go out and find something that the Democrats can create fear over and make more people panic.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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Their field of study is the animal kingdom. They believe that the next pandemic is going to come from another animal. That is the most general statement so far as most infections come from animals. There is always going to be another virus that shows up. And there will be the same attempt to learn a lot about it.

The human body has been designed to fight off these unknown viruses. The latest fear building exercise by the Democrats has been trying to get people to think that these pandemics are coming more often. At least they come every two maybe four years depending on if they need help with an election.

One fearful Doctor named Tracey McNamara stated that “The time between these outbreaks is getting shorter and shorter.” These so-called experts are a dime a dozen. They can be found anywhere. If a liberal pays them enough, then they will say anything that they are told to report.

Democrats have led people to believe that humankind has some control mechanism over any kind of virus. COVID-19 has proven one thing, and that is no one has control over any type of virus that exists today. If it wants to infect people, then it will get into their blood and make them sick.

The real threat of another pandemic is coming from the camp of the Democratic Party. Liberals control the educational system of America. They push dangerous poison in the form of education. Their attempt to brainwash the next generation is that future pandemic that is flooding the country.

Liberals need something to push in order to keep the focus off of their real intent of destroying the young minds of America. They brainwash kids into believing that they are worthless animals that are part of a greater food chain. And as a result, they are part of the survival of the fittest group.

This allows kids to think that they can bully and hurt the weak. The coming pandemic is seen in the riots and violent actions of the hired thugs moving around the country.

The push of the media and “experts” to create a future pandemic is wishful thinking. It is nothing more than a Democratic attempt to generate fear so they can do whatever they want. Everything that the liberals are doing is politically motivated.

President Trump is not about creating fear for the sole purpose of controlling people. He instead wants to empower the country to flourish and grow economically. He has done what he promised he would do for the country. And the new round of promises that he has told the people will be honored as he serves for another four years.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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