Facebook Hits Right-Wing Groups With Massive Censorship Crackdown


In a sweeping blow to the right-wing theory surrounding the QAnon figure, Facebook banned around 900 pages and groups and about 1,500 ads that were tied to similar ideals, according to NBC News.

The network called the groups part of a “pro-Trump conspiracy theory” which is consistent with how other mainstream media outlets have also framed the group.

In addition to the other restrictions, Facebook has restricted the reach of about 2000 groups who consistently discuss the issue, and Instagram has restricted their reach of 10,000 pages that promote the theory that NBC claims have “spawned real-world violence.”

Facebook has taken down accounts, pages, and groups in what they called a “policy expansion” that was done in the name of limiting violent rhetoric linked to “political militants and protest groups.”

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In its description of the ban, NBC offered a colorful description of the group:

“QAnon is an elaborate, unfounded conspiracy theory alleging that President Donald Trump is secretly saving the world from a group of prominent satanic cannibals who run the world. The group has been linked to several violent, criminal incidents, including a train hijacking, kidnappings, a police chase, and a murder.”

Facebook also plans to “downrank” QAnon groups and will supposedly be doing the same to ANTIFA and other “militia” type groups.

While the social media platform seems to work hard to maintain their position of looking out for public safety, the political alliances of the company’s top brass seem to align closely with those the aforementioned QAnon groups are criticizing.

Another headline on NBC, alongside the Facebook and Instagram story, was one that stated that “QAnon looms behind nationwide rallies and viral #SavetheChildren hashtag.” While it’s difficult to see how a group that is constantly keeping human trafficking on the minds of Americans, it’s less difficult if you consider that those making the policies might feel personally connected to the very people being accused of cooperation with the trafficking.

QAnon, while originating from seemingly one source, is a diverse group of people who have either bought into the idea of the “anons” to varying degrees or possibly made up their own mythology to surround it.

Few would argue that the group is constant, organized or really very effective at most of their missions. However, it could be easily argued that they are a personification of relentless free speech. Whether you agree with the movement or believe in the movement, the idea that a person, or group of people, in Washington is funneling information to concerned citizens to let them know that things are going to be OK, is as American as Apple pie.

It’s worth remembering that America was founded on treason. The country was settled on the coin of some pretty impressive people, but there came a time when Americans, formerly known as “colonists” said “enough” and broke free. And they did it meeting in secret, telling the tales of their spies and bolstering one another’s confidence with their shared mission.

But, their cause was won, and as we all know, the winners of any war get to write the history books. And American was born, at great personal risk to the founders of a nation that by many accounts should have been 100% beholden to and respectful of leadership that didn’t care about their needs.

Thankfully for us, the Declaration of Independence wasn’t distributed on Facebook, otherwise, it probably would have been deemed “hate speech” or “illegal” by Torys and shut down before the other Founding Fathers had a chance to see it.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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