Disturbing: BLM Leader Sets Sights from Abolishing Police to Eliminating the US Military


Since the late May and obviously wrongful death of Minneapolis, Minnesota resident George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement has risen to the very heights of popularity within many communities in the United States. And as they have expanded, their calls for abolishing or, at the very least, defunding the police have only gotten louder.

However, at least to some members of the Marxist group, getting rid of the police isn’t enough anymore. Now, they have also turned their attention to abolishing all overseas U.S. Military bases. You know, the ones that provide supplies and support to hundreds of communities worldwide.

Enter the ideas of YahNe Ndgo, who organizes the Philadelphia branch of Black Lives Matter.

Ndgo, in a recent interview with Fox News, described what a world without the police and foreign-held U.S. military bases would look like, as they are both apparently very problematic to peace and safety.

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First, let’s start with her views on “defunding the police,” as this is still a very present and much-needed solution to crime, according to Ndgo. She makes it clear that she doesn’t merely want the police of the United States to be defunded or the number of boots on the ground to be cut. She wants the entire department and entity gone, like for good.

According to her, the system of policing in America is “centered around the ruling class and protection of the ruling class and being an extension of the system of oppression.” Besides, she says they aren’t really keeping anyone any safer or preventing crime. To her, it’s “just a response.”

She said, “Quite often, if there is violence happening, by the time police arrive, that has already occurred and particularly in poor neighborhoods and in black and brown communities. So the police are not really a resource for preventing that kind of crime from happening.”

She explains that BLM, or at least her end of it, has a plan that demands that all police be abolished entirely within the next five years. She says, “one of the things that we are demanding over five years is the complete abolition (of police). We don’t want to see any police in our community.”

And when asked about what her community will do about crime, she stated that those five years would give “time for the community to begin to build what is needed. We aren’t looking to leave any kind of vacancy around the issue of safety.”

But wait, I thought she just said that the police don’t make communities any safer. And yet, when the police are gone, she feels the need to “build” a police-like unit of their own. How does that make any sense?

Well, according to here, once the police are gone, “we will have less crime anyway.” Because you know, it’s the police who actually cause crime.

Additionally, Ndgo asks that military bases overseas as well as Department of Defense projects be put to a stop, as they take “military-grade equipment and transfers it to local police departments.”

She says, “It just increases the resources to these police terror groups. And so shifting those resources from that, you have these federal resources that are being used in these ways that could easily be shifted into communities to address these issues around poverty.” And she added that defunding “these particular programs would provide massive amounts of resources for communities in the United States and that would mitigate most of the problems that create the so-called problem of crime.”

One of the specific programs Ndgo is called for an end to is the Pentagon’s AFRICOM, which, according to the not so logical BLM leader, “puts military bases in almost every country on the African continent.” Ndgo notes that there are “over 800 U.S. military bases around the world,” and all of them contribute to the “so-called problem of crime.”

However, as Fox reporter Hollie McKay noted, Ndgo seems to be a bit uninformed. Firstly, of the 54 countries in Africa, only 29 have American military bases. And secondly, AFRICOM’s goal is not to simply establish a U.S. presence. Instead, throughout most of those bases, its principal objective is to decrease both Russian and Chinese influence in the region.

But all of this proves that it isn’t really black lives that matter to Ndgo or her cause. Instead, it is to merely go against the forces that currently ensure peace and stability both her and afar. And once those institutions are gone, who better than to take over than the ones who demanded their derision?

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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