Disgusting! White Segregation Under Way in Chicago


Black Lives Matter groups and others that support them have no intention of stopping with their violent rampage. They have the goal to redefine every area of America to reflect their hateful messages and teachings. What they want to see is the total subjugation of people with lighter skin. They want to enslave people who are not dark enough to make the cut.

This agenda is being played out in one Chicago school district. The school board has determined that African American kids will have the first option to return to the classroom. The hateful attempt to limit white people and cater to the other nationalities is nothing more than a return to racism.

The school board determined that there was a pandemic before COVID-19 ever showed up. They stated that it came in the form of “inequity and racism, and classism.” This statement is nothing more than BLM inserting their hateful propaganda into another area of society.

The school board members that have bought into the hate should be fired. They have been brainwashed into believing that white people have oppressed black and brown people in 2020. What is happening at their hands is reverse discrimination.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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Melissa Messinger, who is a school district spokeswoman, stated that “This decision aligns directly to the guidance released by the Illinois State Board of Education on June 23 in using an equity lens to implement and transition into blended learning. This was also a top idea recommended by our Community-based Task Force.”

Her polished speech does not address “blended learning.” They are instituting segregated learning. To flood the classroom with only colored people is to deliberately leave out white people. They are segregating the busses once again.

Messinger shows that the school board believes that all colored people are victims. And that is exactly how liberals want them to live. Instead of oppressing the people, they should be helping them realize their true potential and thrive by living the American dream.

The made-up racial pandemic is what is flooding the minds of the simple-minded liberals. They believe racism is flooding the country. But the vast majority of colored people and whites see each other as human and not some other breed of people in the country.

Superintendent Devon Horton stated that “We’re trying to support every single child to the best of our ability, and we can’t allow a political cash train to take over our decision-making regarding how we return our students to school. We have to make sure that students who’ve been oppressed, that we don’t continue to oppress them, and that we give them opportunity.”

Horton maintains that the president is at fault. He believes that the president is pushing racism as a political move, but that is what the liberals are doing. They just happen to be telling people that it is the president’s fault.

Schools around the country have to open. President Trump has made it his mission to see that children are not left behind in the country. The sorry part of the Chicago school district is that they want to cater to a certain kind of child and leave all the others behind. They are falling for the lies of the Democrats.

Liberals continue to fight the presidents push because they think that they know better than the does about the education of the kids. President Trump has the full picture. He knows that the schools can reopen without the terrible consequences that the liberals are making up along the way.

Democrats need to have people living in fear to help them in the polls. They want people to think that it is unsafe to vote and that kids are going to die by the millions if they return to school. But their fear is not fact.

Schools will reopen and there will be no problem like what they are saying about returning. There will be a few kids that sick because that is what happens when winter hits. But to claim that it is all from COVID-19 is just crazy wishful thinking coming from the Democrats.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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