Democrats Vandalized Home of Republican Seeking Office Days Before Election


Liberals all over the country are scurrying out of their holes because their taskmasters have called them to active duty.

They cannot reject their mission to target and destroy any Republican that is running for office or would otherwise vote for President Trump. The Democrats are running scared because they know that the president is popular, and many of their voters are flocking to his camp.

People just love the truth that he has made America great again. They love the increase in pay because of lower taxes. They love the fact that the country’s future is bright and cheerful instead of dark and gloomy like it was under Obama.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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Their violent followers are targeting conservatives with the hopes of scaring them away from the polling places and to get some of them to drop out of congressional races. Their violence is only inspiring people to vote because they are sick and tired of the meaningless threats coming their way from the loon left.

Sean Parnell is a Republican running for Pennsylvania’s 17th district seat. His house was targeted by Democrats trying to scare him away from serving. But their actions only encouraged him to stay in the race.

He stated that “My house was vandalized last night by cowards under the cover of darkness. This is what is at stake in this election. We all must fight for our country and we must do it NOW. I will not cower. I will not back down. I will always fight for this nation.”

Anti-American crooks will not scare Americans into silence and acceptance of socialist rule. It only inspires them to fight hard to defend the American way of life. The communist attack on his home left the words “Elections No Revolutions Yes!” painted on his home. These are people willing to kill to invade and take over the nation.

Parnell hit the nail on the head when he stated, “Regardless of political party, those that choose to run for office do so because they believe they can help the country. It is perfectly reasonable to disagree with each other and with political candidates, but the way to do that is at the voting booth. I believe that we are at an important point in our great nation’s history and I most assuredly stand against socialism, violence, and destruction.”

The problem is that Democrats do not want to discuss anything. They want the power to tell people what to do. They do not care about working with others. They would instead eliminate their competition by any means necessary.

In Parnell’s case, the liberals attacked his home with the hopes of pushing him out of the race. They are scared that he will unseat the filthy Democrat. Parnell stated a lesson that everyone needs to learn.

He said that the American people could “respect our system of choosing our representatives in a peaceful and dignified way and no matter who we support and oppose. We do it with our vote, and not through destruction of property and violence to our fellow Americans.”

The attacks against Parnell show how scared the liberals have become. Pennsylvania is a significant player in the election at all levels. The state has 20 electoral votes, which will mean victory or defeat, depending on who wins the state.

Many liberal news sources claim Biden is ahead in the polls. But those polls are lopsided and in favor of the Democrats. They are biased, so they cannot represent true numbers statewide. Even in those polls, Biden’s so-called lead diminished to a mere fraction of what they once were.

President Trump is highly favored in the state because of his stance on energy and coal mining. Biden seeks to shut it all down and put thousands of people out of work. But the president wants to expand mining and let America take its role as a world leader in natural resource production.

Biden’s attempt to kill off a significant sector of the industry is doomed to fail before it can ever start because the president is going to beat him in the election and keep him out of the White House.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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