Democrats Seek to Track Movement of People without Consent


The liberal Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti came out with an elaborate speech hoping to sound intelligent. In his mind, there is still a major COVID-19 problem plaguing the world. And he is trying to take it upon himself to solve the problems of his city by forcing the residents to obey another set of rules to stop the virus from spreading.

The Democrats keep coming up with plans and lists, thinking that something else needs to be done. There is nothing else that needs to be done except to let the virus run its course. When the coronavirus first appeared in America, the plan was to slow the spread to keep the hospitals from getting overwhelmed. But that never happened.

So, the Democrats needed to feed a new set of rules to people to keep voters from seeing their stupidity. Garcetti stated that “Tonight we are here together to roll out innovations. When it comes to stopping COVID in its tracks. Information is power.”

No one will ever dispute that knowledge is power, but they will question what information they are using to formulate their understanding. And data is usually interpreted differently based on the person’s worldview. A deceived Democrat will always get the data wrong because they have believed the lie of their stale movement.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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The new innovation that the mayor is trying to use is designed to track people’s movements and alert them if they have walked into an area with known COVID-19 exposure. This will quickly turn into a mass panic event as people who are alerted to being exposed will promptly rush to hospitals for treatment. Just because a person is in an area where COVID-19 is known to be does not mean they have it.

This idea by the liberal mayor is designed to create fear and panic. And what makes the idea illegal is that he will be tracking people without their consent. It is a total invasion of privacy. Garcetti is setting himself for some massive lawsuits very soon as people move to fight his socialist actions.

The app that will be installed on everyone’s phone is called SafePass. It tracks a person’s movements anonymously through Bluetooth technology. No one in their right mind would ever consent to be tracked. Garcetti is crossing a line that is illegal on many levels.

The SafePass company boasts that “SafePass is your daily destination for COVID-related alerts and activity, including your exposure to people who tested positive, meaningful contact that increases your risk, test results, test locations, and symptom tracking. Enable contact tracing and know exactly when and where you got exposed to COVID-19.”

This sounds good except that it violates privacy laws, and viral hot spots change daily is not hourly. The app will not give reliable data. It will only be able to provide what its Democratic masters tell it to report.

The County Supervisor of Los Angeles is Katheryn Barger. She stated that “Everyone’s information remains anonymous and encrypted. The only information ever shared is anonymized aggregate data to help identify COVID-19 hot spots.” In other words, the county will share your private health information with other people.

It seems ironic that the liberals rolled out this app in 2019. They act like they knew the pandemic was coming and set themselves up to enact socialist policies on a permanent basis. And if that was not enough, the city still plans on hounding people about where they have been if they are found to have caught the virus.

Los Angeles sees a sharp decline in cases in the city and county because COVID-19 is going away. Garcetti and his fellow dictators need new ways of inciting panic among the people so they can continue to justify lockdowns. The new SafePass provides them with that way.

President Trump is the only one that can stop the pandemic violations coming by the Democrats’ hands. As he continues to push for reopening and closure of testing sites, the Democrats will scream and fight like they always do. But at some point, life has to get back normal. And the only way that can happen is obeying the president’s plan.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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