Democrats Ready to Set Liberals as Their Electors in Key States if They Win Election


Joe Biden is a puppet that is possessed with persona from all the other prominent Democrats. He has elements of Bernie Sanders in his blood; there is Obama, Ocasio-Cortez, Hillary, and her husband, Bill Clinton.

And the list goes on and on. Biden’s dementia has erased his personality to the point that he does not even know who he is any longer. A win for Biden is going to create a tier of liberal leaders that will replace the democracy that is known today.

Hilarious Hillary Clinton has remained in the shadows for nearly two years. Her email scandal was quickly brushed under the rug by her fellow Democrats, so she could sit on the sidelines waiting for the right time to rear her ugly head. And now that the snake has come out of her hole, she is making all sorts of claims about the power that she will have if Biden wins.

She has stated that every Democratic vote in New York is a vote for her and Bill the butcher Clinton. Whatever form that takes, it cannot be a good thing. As an elector, she gets to help decide who the next president will be. But for her think that people voting for Biden are voting for her is delusional at best.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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The new president must capture 270 of the elector votes in order to win. But with Hillary Clinton being counted as one of those people, it stands to reason that some sort of fraud is about to take place. Or, at least another person is about to disappear.

Clinton is looking at this selection as a badge of honor. She will be counted along with 28 other people as an elector in New York. But, the Democrats have to win the election first. No one really cares who the electors are, only they cast their vote for the Republican nominee.

Democrats thrive on recognition. They must be recognized, or their life is incomplete. They are like a Pharisee that paraded themselves around like pompous clowns during biblical times.

New York state has not voted red since it went to Ronald Reagan in 1984. But it extremely possible that President Trump will take the state this time around. Democrats have killed their chances of winning back of the seats that they lost years ago.

Hillary Clinton stated in arrogance that “I’m an elector, so I’m pretty sure I’ll get to vote for Joe and Kamala in New York, so that’s pretty exciting.” She is stoked about being able to put her name on another document. Like all Democrats, she is acting as they have already won.

Just like in 2016, the Democrats are setting themselves up for a major disappointment. They thought that they were going to come roaring back to power. And then the unthinkable happened. President Trump won. And that is when the country laughed the liberals to shame.

Every prominent Democrat has set themselves up to an elector in New York. Bill, the butcher Clinton, is one alone with Cuomo, and Attorney General Letitia James. These musketeers are proud of themselves as their pride is swelling to enormous proportions.

In all of her pompous arrogance, Hillary Clinton said that she is nervous about the election. She stated that “I am worried that we’re not going to have a final conclusion though for a couple of days, if not longer.” She even said that she is working with lawyers as they prepare for scenarios that are not favorable to her or the other liberals. She is already planning on fighting the process in the courts.

People all over America have taken to the polls to vote for President Trump. The sheer volume of voters this election year is not for the liberals. They are casting their votes for the president.

The Democrats think they are going to win, but Biden has made too many enemies in key states. Pennsylvanians are sick of hearing Biden tell them that he is going to kill the energy industry. That statement alone just sent the entire state into the president’s camp.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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