Dem Mayor Trades Sides, Blasting Biden in Speech


It’s no secret that the state of Minnesota as a whole is pretty much pure blue, and it has been for decades. Much of this is due to the large presence of industries like mining, especially in the northeastern part of the state, which has given the region its name of the Iron Range. And as the Democratic Party has long been known as the party of the working class, they have always had a strong foothold in the area.

However, it seems that is changing and rather dramatically even.

According to Bob Vlaisavljevich, the Democratic mayor of a small town named Eveleth in the Iron Range, it’s all because of one man: President Donald Trump. Well, that and the “injustice” the current Democrat Party has done to the region in the last decade or so.

As Vlaisavljevich tells it in a speech to the Republican National Convention on Tuesday, he comes from a long line of mining workers, men who “earned their living mining the raw materials that made the steel that built America.” And they were proud to do so. But like any community or industry, they needed a voice in Washington to represent them.

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For generations, Minnesotans “looked to Democrats to fill that void… because we actually thought they cared about our welfare.” And they may have at some point. However, those days are long gone.

Now, all those who tirelessly work the land to provide for America are being pushed out by the continuous calls from the radical left to reinvent our environment and the way we handle it. As Vlaisavljevich says, “The radical environmental movement has dragged the Democratic Party so far to the left, they can no longer claim to be advocates of the working man.”

He goes on to note that for decades, leaders from both parties have allowed our trading partners like China to rip America off. They have “dumped steel into our markets and slapped tariffs on our products.”

“And what did so-called leaders like Joe Biden do? Nothing.”

And because of that, Mayor Vlaisavljevich goes on to say, Democrat workers in places like the Minnesotan Iron Range and thousands of other communities across the US were forced to give up their way of life, as well as their dreams. Their kids who might have carried on the family tradition and legacy were pushed out to the bustling cities where Dems encouraged them to “learn to code,” just to make ends meet.

“Worst of all, we lost hope.”

But then, “The street-talking New Yorker burst onto the scene, promising to stand up to China and the rest of the world on behalf of the American worker. Four years later, the Iron Range is roaring back to life, and we have one man to thank, President Donald Trump. He made good on his promises by cutting our taxes, rolling back senseless regulations, and delivering trade deals that put America’s interests first.”

In contrast, the mayor says that Biden has done nothing to help American workers. If anything, he has hurt them. By backing or even allowing “radicals” like New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to develop environmental policies, he would essentially be closing down mines and factories across the nation.

He said in his speech, “Their so-called Green New Deal is a job-killing disgrace dreamt up by people who don’t live in the real world.” and he continued, saying, “Biden is too weak, too scared, and too sleepy to stand up the radical left. He has been doing nothing in Washington for 47 years. Why would Year 48 be any different?”

We all know that it wouldn’t be. If Biden were back into the White House, his policies on foreign affairs, trading, and, therefore, American industries would be reminiscent of the same kind of ideas that helped to plunge places like the Iron Range into despair in the first place. You know, the ones he and Obama helped to put in place that cost thousands their livelihoods and thousands more the legacy of walking in their father’s shoes.

What Vlaisavljevich is saying is that America needs someone willing to fight for them. Trump has proven that he and will do that. Biden, on the other hand, has only served his own well-being. And for a lifelong Democrat, that’s pretty big.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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