Cuomo’s Blame Game Now Includes the Conservative Media


Why take the blame for something that is entirely your fault when you can point your finger and blame someone else? Governor Cuomo is doing just that when it comes to all of the nursing home deaths of Covid-19.

If you ask the governor, it has nothing to do with his poor judgment calls. Instead, he is prepared to blame the conservative media for all of the deaths that occurred throughout the state of New York. The Democrat does what he does best – blame others instead of coming to terms with his inability to be an effective leader.

If Andrew Cuomo believed his own lies, he’d allow an independent commission to investigate the policies that led to a surge of nursing home deaths throughout New York. Conservatives have been asking for this commission to find out if Cuomo’s policies really did lead to unnecessarily endangering hundreds of elderly people.

Cuomo said at a press conference that it’s a “political issue.” It’s a political issue, alright. You, as a Dem, can’t take responsibility for what you did. Cuomo made bad calls and lots of people died because of it.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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However, it’s not his fault. Cuomo wants to blame Michael Goodwin, Bob McManus, to of the columnists at the New York Post. Oh, and for good measure, he added Fox TV to the list of those who are responsible for the nursing home deaths, not him.

Cuomo can’t admit he’s wrong. The March 25 order required hospitals to send nursing home patients back to the nursing homes instead of keeping them in the hospitals. This included patients who tested positive for Covid-19. That meant that the patients took the virus back to nursing homes, resulting in countless others getting sick, too. Since the pandemic started, over 6400 nursing home patients have died.

Cuomo claims that the policy didn’t result in the surge of nursing home deaths. Yeah, okay, because adding sick people to a population already at a higher vulnerability wouldn’t have a negative impact.

Conservatives already know the truth, even if Cuomo doesn’t want to admit it – the policy increased the risk of outbreaks and residents’ lives were put into danger.

Cuomo would rather cling to a study conducted by the New York State’s Department of Health. The one that said nursing home staffers were taking the virus into the nursing homes. Sure, that might have been one reason. However, the bigger reason was that Covid-19 patients were placed directly into nursing homes to spread the virus.

Democrats and Republicans alike question just how good the data is within the study completed by the Department of Health. It seems that it’s just a little too convenient to vindicate Cuomo when the writing is on the wall. National and state lawmakers have expressed so much doubt that there will be hearings in August to explore the nursing home deaths in detail.

How is it that Andrew Cuomo made it this far into a political career without any kind of common sense? If there’s a virus that is highly contagious and is more likely to affect those who are 70+, why would it be okay to put those who are already positive back into the nursing homes? It’s as if he made the decision that it would be better to let the elderly die in order to free up more beds for those who are younger and who could vote for him for many years to come.

Somehow, Cuomo didn’t think that it would matter. He thought that he could lie his way out of this one. He thought that he could use enough smoke and mirrors for everyone to believe that it was political. That somehow it would be the fault of the conservative media.

The New York governor has blood on his hands, and there’s not enough soap and water in the world to get it all off. He can blame the New York Post all he wants, but the damage is already done.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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