CNN Caught Airing Altered Image Of Joe Biden To Fend Off Liberal Backlash


Monday saw a brazen abandonment of journalistic integrity on the part of CNN, who aired an altered video of Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, which removed a portion of an original photo that has become objectionable to social-justice warriors.

The photo showed Biden holding his son, but it was airbrushed from the original photo in that the ski cap his son was wearing originally had a logo for the Washington Redskins. That was removed from the photo that CNN aired. According to Newsbusters either CNN or the DNC altered the image to remove a photo of a logo that has since been “canceled” by the raging progressive left.

The video was introduced at the Democratic National Convention on August 20th and depicted Biden is holding his son Hunter Biden. However, an hour-long documentary called Fight for the White House: Joe Biden’s Long Journey aired on Monday and CNN used the photo as part of their glowing recommendation of the Democratic candidate.

Sometime between when the photo was put into the video and when it was aired by CNN, it was brushed to remove the offending logo, and Newsbusters queried when that might have happened along the way.

Fox News reported that, “The Democratic nominee and former vice president initially shared the photo in June to commemorate Father’s Day.”

“So did CNN alter the image?” Newsbusters questioned. “Did the Democratic Party decide its CNN base couldn’t handle the former logo of the now-Washington Football Team?”

Fox News’ Joseph Wulfsohn noted: “CNN did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment,” during his report on the incident.

Newsbusters updated their reporting on Wednesday to say that Wulfsohn reported that the Biden campaign has now admitted editing the photo and blamed it on copyright concerns. According to a CNN source cited by Washingtonian magazine, “We received this picture and many others from the Biden campaign, and any additional inquiries should be sent their way. Future airings will include the original photo.”

Whether it was truly the campaign’s intention to escape a copyright infringement issue or they were hoping to avoid a potential flashbang grenade of a backlash from the left, it is up to the reader to decide.

However, it’s worth noting that Biden is appealing to a demographic that seems to have given itself the moral superiority needed to enact social justice progressive-backed rules that they believe should be enacted retroactively.

For instance, many high profile liberals have begun to question “cancel culture” which forces politicians and celebrities to have to step back from their careers when it’s discovered they did something socially unacceptable. The questions, however, came after they were painted with the wide brush strokes of rules that they didn’t know they were playing by early in their career.

The fallout of that rule change has caused many who were previously on board with the progressive left to question whether the ever-changing rules put in place by typically unemployed and inexperienced individuals who seem to find meaning in life by feeling better than others, has put a real-world cramp in the life of some important people.

Retroactive social-justice (combined with the power of photos and the advent of social media) has made liberals want to backtrack on one of their major tools for taking down their competition.

Biden’s campaign (or CNN at their behest) seems to be taking no chances with the 40-year veteran of politics, taking even the then-acceptable logo off the cap of the child of their candidate, showing once again that they are beginning to become aware that feeding the tiger won’t necessarily save you, it might just mean that he eats you last.

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