China Tries to Act Like Vaccine Production is a Race as They Declare Themselves the Winner


For years now, China has been in the silent race to outperform the United States in just about every medical and technological field. They have hired people to spy for them and steal secrets from American corporations to develop the technology first. In their minds, they have to prove that they are the best. But since they unleashed COVID-19 on the world, they are in a race with themselves.

No other nation really trusts China to do the right thing after they lied about the virus. Their reluctance to admit their error and work with other countries to contain the sickness is deplorable. They are now in the news claiming victory in the race to create a vaccine.

Everyone wants to know who it is that they are racing. Their humility leaves a lot to be desired as they proclaimed themselves to be the victors.

In any race, there is someone that declares a winner. It is never any of the competing opponents. There is a shadow of a doubt as to the vaccine that communist China is claiming to have developed because it was done secretly and for the purpose of winning some kind of competition.

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CEO of SinoVac is Yin Weidong, and he stated that “Our goal is to provide the vaccine to the world, including the US, EU, and others.” Sounds about right since they were the ones to unleash the virus on the world in the first place. No one can help but think that they unleashed the virus to develop a vaccine to make money with.

Some are speculating that this also their attempt to keep the blame off of them for the deaths related to COVID-19. But the world will not forget how they lied about the virus and how they did nothing to help contain it in Wuhan.

The confidence level with China’s vaccine is extremely low. They are a nation that cuts corners and has numerous human rights violations against them. They have not been friendly to other people, and they certainly do not value life the way they should. The question has to be asked, “is this another attempt by China to poison the world?”

Their actions to date would point to a deliberate move to continue to make people sick with a vaccine that has not been tested in any long-term trial. There is no telling what kind of side effects they have packed into this voluntary sickness.

The Chinese company is set to start manufacturing 300 million doses a year. But that is a far cry from being able to ship ready doses to needy countries around the world. There are already American companies stockpiling doses of vaccines that have positive results in clinical trials. Those vaccines are set to be ready next month. But they are already made and ready to be dispersed to offices that need them.

China’s method of testing the so-called vaccine was to herd people in high-risk areas and stick them in the arm with an unknown substance. So far, the Chinese government has not even let out any of the data or how the program has been run. Once again, they are cryptic about things.

China wants to administer their vaccine before the third phase of the study is complete. They have claimed victory way too soon. There is no telling what they have done with the vaccine since they are not letting any facts about the vaccine’s method or substance.

The manufacturer claims that they have tested hundreds of volunteers. But reality dictates that no one will speak up in a country that eliminates complainers. The evil communists have a way of making their people disappear.

China has not even said if they are going to let the vaccine go worldwide. Their bragging about being the first ones to complete the process is for posturing only at this point. They really have no intention of helping the people they have infected with the China virus.

President Trump sees through their duplicity and hypocrisy. That is the reason why he wants nothing to do with the communist nation until they are ready to play nice.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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