Busted: Woman in Biden’s Lies About Trump Helping Businesses – Watch


Democrats really have to be careful about biting the hands that feed them, especially when they’re so quick (and loud) to criticize. Tiffany Easley is one such Dem, the owner of NV My Eyewear. She was recently featured on an advertisement for Biden’s campaign, talking about how Trump has not done enough to help American businesses.

Easley is quick to criticize, saying that she doesn’t believe the administration has done enough to help the businesses struggling during the pandemic.

She may have forgotten that there was a Paycheck Protection Program that rolled out in April to help with some of the economic issues of the pandemic. She may have also forgotten that she received $27,000 in loans from this very program.

The country only has so much money. However, $27,000 for a small business is a lot.

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Meanwhile, Joe Biden is tweeting all about Easley’s story, saying “Donald Trump may have forgotten about them – but I never will.” Well, Joe, what about the people who have forgotten about the fact that Trump did help them?

Where would Easley be if she didn’t get the forgivable loan from the program? She doesn’t want to admit that it helped her because she was still forced to close a location and furlough employees.

She is one of the countless others who have had to adjust because of the pandemic – but at least she was fortunate to be one of the few to get the financial assistance.

Easley also received another grant from the Philadelphia COVID-19 Small Business Relief Fund. Yet, she would rather complain about her misfortune than thank anyone who actually provided her with financial assistance.

What Easley and so many other Dems forget is that the pandemic was not Trump’s fault. The lockdowns were necessary for our survival, and tens of millions of jobs were lost. It would have happened regardless of who was president.

Trump signed the loan program in April as a way of helping businesses around the country.

Ali Pardo, the deputy communications director for President Trump, commented, “Thanks to this fast surge of support for small business owners like Tiffany, tens of millions of workers continued to receive paychecks.” Trump was able to help to restore the strong economy.

Biden should be ashamed of himself for using such a campaign approach. He’s going to prey on small businesses that have had no choice but to close in the pandemic. It’s cheap.

No matter how much money the country gave out to business owners, it was inevitable that some wouldn’t be able to survive. When a business isn’t essential, the simple reality is that they can’t survive without customers.

It’s as if Biden has forgotten yet another important aspect of recent history.

The CARES Act was passed on March 27 to offer a $2 trillion economic relief package. It was passed with bipartisan support and signed by Trump. It helped not only workers and families but also small businesses as a way to preserve jobs.

How can Biden say that Trump has forgotten anyone? If anyone has forgotten, it’s Trump. And Easley may need a reminder of who the president is at the moment who has helped to provide her with tens of thousands of dollars that are helping her with her business.

There’s no guarantee that Biden would have been able to do anything more than Trump has. Many small businesses are grateful to have the opportunity to get the loans from the Paycheck Protection Program – and have the ability to not have to pay them back if they use the money to rehire their employees when it’s all over.

It’s typical of the Biden campaign. They allow someone to talk about Trump without even looking at the facts. For her, “this president seemed to make everything else worse,” she says in her video while also having no problems cashing the check she got.

Interesting. What would it look like if Trump actually did leave everyone behind like she claims he did? It certainly wouldn’t involve help like she already received.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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